Boo Hoo Hoo!… Islamville, South Carolina’s all-Muslim town, faces Trump effect: ‘We feel unsafe’

“Well how would you feel?”

Ramadan Saeed Shakir is the mayor of Islamville, an all-Muslim town of about 300 people located in the northern woodland of South Carolina. He is talking about Donald Trump – specifically, what Donald Trump has been saying about

Trump criticised Pope Francis on Thursday, describing the pontiff as “disgraceful” after the pope said it would be un-Christian to build a wall between the US and Mexico, but when the billionaire Republican frontrunner has addressed religion during his presidential campaign it has mostly been to focus on Islam.

  • andycanuck

    Didn’t that place used to be called ‘Shitsville’?

  • Petrilia

    Ah,come on. Call yourself Islamville, what the hell do you expect? In the USA? Muslims, why don’t you blend in? Otherwise , you will stand out and always be looked at differently. Or is that your point? I think you have been playing the US under President B Hussein Obama, but the games will be over under President Trump.

    • 945dad21

      It actually calls itself ‘Holy Islamville’ and has been known about for a long time. It is located in York County close to the town of Rock Hill and is not incorporated. It is one of many Jihadi training camps in the USA and has been investigated in the past:

  • Justin St.Denis

    When you make yourself a target, you don’t get to act surprised. Surprised isn’t among your options.

  • Waffle

    Xenophobic l’il ole me is really having difficulty reconciling hijabs and such in Dixie!

  • Gary

    Boo hoo, muslims are always the victims and still have the nerve and arrogance to claim it’s a religion of peace.
    Their muslims brothers that are the majority in many ME Nations as torching Churches while Christians are in them just to give it that Muhammad touch of horror to inflict terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.
    Ask these ungrateful whiners if they would rather be back in the islamic hell-hole they fled if things are so bad here.
    Nobody is torching mosques while they are in them , nobody is tossing gay muslims from roof tops, nobody is beheading their children or raping their Daughters.

    In Canada we still have the Pakistani Muslims crying racism while Christians back in pakistan are being attacks along with apostates being killed for leaving islam.

    Justin is a complete moron for his islamophilic view to think that bringing in 200,000 pro-sharia muslim refugees from oppressive hell-holes will make Canada safer. We already started to have terrorism issues when the muslim population broke through 400,000 which included the Toronto-18 muslim males that had a plot to use Truck-bombs to slaughter 5000 plus people in because Chretien put our troops in Afghan that were killing their muslim brothers in the Taliban.
    When that Town gets big enough they will go Jihad to demand an islamic State to claim it for allah as a Caliphate .

    • Kathy Prendergast

      They may be living in an all-Muslim town but I doubt very much they are totally independent of Uncle Sam’s and/or the state’s largesse. The solution to places like this is not to try to get rid of them but to seal them off. Europeans should take the same approach to Muslim “no-go” areas in cities, too. Remove them from the government tit and see how well they manage at being totally self-sufficient.

      • NoPasaran

        In Italy there was a trend where they would put a wall around the bad neighborhood.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I’ve been saying that for years now. 😉

  • vimy

    Not that anyone would want to but I wonder what they would do if twenty or so Christians decided to move into town and build a church

    • Exile1981

      I see an unexplained fire and twenty or so disappearances followed by twenty or so shallow graves in the woods.

  • Muslim invasion – colonization – takeover – domination of the USA in process.

  • marty_p
  • Hard Little Machine

    Wouldn’t it be Islamabad?

  • NoPasaran

    Corelations with hate crimes being on the muslim side of the column notwithstanding.

  • Dana Garcia

    Somebody can found Satanburg down the road to improve the neighborhood.

    • Justin St.Denis

      And why not encircle them BOTH with communities like a Jesustown, Christchurch, Christianville, Churchtown, Godston, Trinity, Marionopolis, and on and on and on as creative Christians are drawn to the self-proclaimed targets. Two can play this game…