‘The X-Files’ Just Confounded PC Expectations for How Terrorists are Portrayed on TV

A show that has already attacked conservatives and brought us evil pro-life Catholics this season just portrayed terrorists in a totally unexpected way.

  • pdxnag

    I had recorded it and just watched it yesterday. Waiting to see Pamela’s views.

  • Okay so the MSM and Hollywood finally portrays Muslim terrorists as Muslim terrorists. Kudos.

    But I’m having a fundamental problem with this particular TV portrayal (according to the article): the idea that “blasphemous” or mocking pieces of artwork of Mohammad are the principle cause of Muslim terrorism. Not so. Of the more than 27,000 acts of Muslim terrorism since 9/11 how many of these acts were “incited” because somebody made an artistic rendering of Mohammad? Maybe two or three — that leaves 26,997 acts of Muslim terrorism that were not “incited” by unflattering depictions of Mohammad, the majority of which were effected by Muslims against fellow Muslims. Probably all of Muslim victims would never consider making any sort of depiction of Mohammad, unflattering or otherwise. There are so many excuses for violence in Islam that it is frankly mind-boggling — depictions of Mohammad is perhaps the least statistically significant. Whatever the case, it’s no excuse to snuff out freedom of expression.

    Did George Bush hang a giant picture of Mohammad on the World Trade Centre hence “provoking” an attack? I don’t think so. So what was so “offensive” to Islam about the World Trade Centre? I’ve never heard a theological explanation for this. In fact, the WTC attack seemed to resemble something closer to classical Communist terrorism — motivated by anti-capitalism and international free trade.

    (My critique is based on the article — haven’t seen the TV episode.)

    • Well said Ricardo. Violence is central to the faith, condone throughout the Koran, Hadith and Suna

      • I’m kinda wondering theologically-speaking if it was wrapped up in some sort of “phallic symbol” representation — the WTC being the tallest buildings in the world at the time (i.e. the biggest boners). There are more than a few twisted ideas about sexual dominance in Islamic theology.