The faculty at Asshat U are all Good Germans

From Jonathan Haidt on raising junior jackboots at Asscrat U:

JONATHAN HAIDT: Spineless? Nowadays, a mob can coalesce out of nowhere. And so we’re more afraid of our students than we are of our peers. It is still possible for professors to say what they think over lunch; in private conversations they can talk. But the list of things we can say in the classroom is growing shorter and shorter.

JOHN LEO: This sounds like the Good Germans.

JONATHAN HAIDT: Yes. Exactly. It is. It’s really scary that values other than truth have become sacred. And what I keep trying to say – this comes right out of my book The Righteous Mind – is that you can’t have two sacred values. Because what do you do when they conflict? And in the academy now, if truth conflicts with social justice, truth gets thrown under the bus. More.

Reality check: So why are you still giving to your “alma mater”? You need precious little asshats and Good Germans in your life?

Ask them for their statement of intellectual freedom and study it, and don’t give them another nickel if it doesn’t pass muster.

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