Overdue for ‘dozens’ to speak up on Muzik shootings

Almost seven months since the double homicide at and near the Drake OVO Fest after-party, Toronto Police say they believe “dozens” may have actually witnessed the first murder and stayed silent about it.


It’s just too many people complicit in helping keep a killer on the loose.

“Some might have been there right before or right after and there are many who probably know who did it,” Staff-Insp. Greg McLane said in an interview on Tuesday.

Many have not shared their story. McLane wants this to change.

  • UCSPanther

    It seems that ghetto nightclubs and rap concerts are a good place to get fired upon these days.

  • Editor

    #blacklivesmatter but snitches end up in ditches. Decisions, decisions . . .

  • ontario john

    That is multicultureophobic! We must embrace the daily shootings and stabbings in Toronto as a an expression of diversity. Besides we all know its those damn hunters and farmers that are rampaging in Toronto. And this true. I just saw on CP24 News that the federal government has given the Canadian Goat Federation over two hundred thousand dollars to do a survey of goats or something. Is this some sort of help for the sexual needs of refugees?

  • DD_Austin

    Criminals not talking to cops
    What a surprise
    When your neither trustworthy nor respectable
    Honest people won’t talk to you.
    What a surprise

    Just another progrssive “public service” union that needs privatization
    Now that would be a surprise

    • Justin St.Denis

      And Toronto Police are neither trustworthy nor respectable.

  • Justin St.Denis

    “McLane wants this to change.”

    Oh really? How dashing and innovative of “McLane”! And how completely lacking in self-awareness.

    Anybody who voluntarily talks to Toronto Police deserves all the shit s/he gets. Toronto Police are NOT INTERESTED in protecting the public, so why should the public cooperate? Cooperating with Toronto law enforcement will almost always COST the citizen time, money etc. To boot, Toronto police have a tendency to charge witnesses who saw a crime happen; its just the way Toroto’s SJW law enforcement officers roll.

    BTW, I suspect the guilty party may already be wearing cement shoes. People have ways of protecting themselves when it is common knowledge that THE TORONTO POLICE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN PROTECTING OR SEVING THE RESIDENTS OF TORONTO.

    It is really that simple.

    If “McLane” wants things to change, perhaps “McLane” should look to change the shitfaced, incompetent TPD first.

  • marty_p

    Attention Toronto Police Tip Line – the perp was Hilton Wilton Printon Nelson Blackwood an aspiring rap star, DJ, basketball player who was turning his life around.

    • Justin St.Denis