Notley and her thugs back off – for now


Faced with a national storm of outrage, an embarrassed Rachel Notley backed away from her illegal blacklist of journalists. That blacklist had a single name on it: — and anyone even “connected” to us.

The only problem is, that’s illegal. Governments in Canada can’t regulate journalists, or restrict who is allowed to enter public buildings like the Legislature, based on political vendettas.

Notley’s blacklist wasn’t a casual or thoughtless decision. It was carefully considered, lawyered and surely approved by the Premier herself. She even had the temerity to order a Department of Justice to send it to us: More.

More later.

Hey the Animal was astonished, and he’s used to looking down the maw of Hill Clinton.

  • Shebel

    Some Animals know ….when the cage is full …….

  • G

    Levant should sue for damages . He runs a NEWS organization. He was denied his business with an illegal action by the government. By the time he got things sorted out his opportunity to collect news and report on it in a timely fashion had passed.

    Therefore damages are appropriate. I also think a “name & shame” story might be called for. What is the name of the asshole legislature security sheriff in the video who said “get ’em out out of here!”. Name, office phone number, email.

    If this sneering arrogant prick thinks he can act as Notley’s thug then he should pay dearly for it. Naming and shaming these fuckers would send a message to other sack of shit cop thugs. “I-was-just-following-orders” is not a defense. You WILL be held accountable you strutting martinet dickwad.

    • Justin St.Denis

      He should be fired and LOSE his accreditation to work in anything to do with law enforcement since he demonstrated he is ignorant of the law or a mere thug for political twats like Notley.

  • Shebel

    Sometimes , Politicians get ‘too full’ of them selves— and become dangerous.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Alberta’s First Reich Fuhrer Rachel Notley was born thick.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The alleged “sherriff’s deputy” in the video should also be disciplined or removed from his duties. It is the JOB of law enforcement personnel to enforce existing laws, not to obey political know-nothing’s who tell them to BREAK ESTABLISHED LAWS. The Sherriff’s Deputy should have informed that he COUKD NOT do as he was being asked to do since IT IS UNLAWFUL TO DO WHAT HE WAS BEING ASKED TO DO.

    I have stood in those shoes. I insisted that the political person in question write me an email with instructions to the same effect as his verbal instruction. When I received the email, I responded re the illegality of the request and CCed the Attorney General for Ontario, the Director of the branch I was working a contract for, as well as my personal lawyer.

    I was subsequently wined and dined by a minister of the Ontario government, who actually asked me to delete the email and my response from my computer. I respectfully declined and said: “Not in a month of Sundays, Mr. XYXYXY. That email is worth a LOT to me.”

    Theree are ways of getting such bastards to heel and obey.

    • G

      I like what I have just read.

      I also was a law enforcement officer. (An accident stopped my career quickly).
      I have a similar story. I don’t need to relate mine, Yours illustrates the situation perfectly. Thanks.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Thank you, but I would love to hear your story as well. I became somewhat of a pro at these “gotcha” fishing expeditions. So I receive reall obsequious Christmas Cards from some very unlikely sources. Our mantle is quite the draw during the holiday season for that ver reason. 😉

        When you are holding somebody’s nuts in your hand, always remind them you are still there by giving a little squeeze now and then – a birthday card, a bouquet to the wife in the occasion of her Birthday. After all, it’s the little things that count….in the long view.

        I always took the long view.

  • simus1

    The thug bouncer should be sorted out for sure as a top priority.
    The govt lawyer who put out that “response” also seems on thin ice.

    Isn’t the speaker usually the person charged with ensuring that all aspects of the legislature run smoothly?
    Speaking of running, where were the two Alberta opposition party leaders and the leader of the Fed Conservatives media wise while Nutley was on her rampage?

    • G

      Dumb assed Brian Jean, the leader of the Wild Rose Party couldn’t be there because he was too busy dividing his time between being opposition leader, attacking Christians and impersonating the 1950s puppet Howdy Doody.

  • FactsWillOut

    Look at all the people who think we live under rule of law, as opposed to rule of men.

  • Shebel

    More like the ‘Rule of Females’.

    I think they are coming out with some new anti-rapist Law.

    Wishful thinking ? or- Justifying Islam?

  • useless opinion

    This was the dry run to really go after His Eminence Bishop Henry of Calgary. He has made it morally clear that government sponsored sodomy and pedophilia will not be tolerated in the Catholic Schools of Alberta. If you could run Ezra out of town(which you cant), the Bishop was next for human rights jail. Wake up folks, the Alberta version of Ben Levin is just waiting to be appointed by the Preem and then sent to your children in your town. Remember when liberals and socialists fail at economics, which they always do, they then go after the children.

    • G

      “…the Bishop was next for human rights jail.”

      Well said. You can damned well bet there are some provincial court judges just waiting like buzzards for the HRC to take out Bishop Henry then the scumbag judiciary can come in afterward and finish him off.

      But lawyers aren’t scumbags, oh noooooooooo.

    • Shebel

      Where did Bishop Henry come from?
      Henry is against sodomy and paedophilia – and this is a problem?
      Why is this a problem? He is a Bishop. . He should be against it, if wants to call himself a Bishop.