Mom of the day…

  • Lol. Just a routine day for this mother!

    • Scary stuff;)

      • john700

        A real mother would have made sure the kid does get the opportunity to go on the ledge.

  • Hard Little Machine

    oooh sooo close.

  • No panic at all: “Darn it all, Johnny’s playing on the ledge again — I wonder if I should coax him back inside or finish the dishes first”. If that were my kid out on the ledge I would grab him so fast and hard I’d probably dislocate his arm.

    There’s also these things called “child locks” for apartment windows — they probably cost about .50 cents each. Allows you to open the window to let in fresh air, but narrow enough that even a toddler can’t crawl out. Easy for an adult to over-ride and open the window all the way when the child is somewhere else. I thought they were mandatory because my apartment already came equipped with them. They’re also good anti-theft devices if you want to go out but leave your windows open — too narrow for thieves to crawl through and the over-ride is unreachable from outside.

  • Spatchcocked

    Kid watched too many Harold Lloyd movies…happens all the time.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Where did this happen? Any clues?