Iranian scientist: Genetically modified foods a “Zionist plot”

Ali Karami, specialist in medical biotechnology and genetic engineering, said he believes an “import mafia” is behind

Yay science!

Yay science!

the distribution of such products in the country.

He also claimed to have received death threats after his first interview on the issue with the Tasnim news agency was published a month ago.

“The mafia importing certain genetically modified products even kills for its interests. Be careful,” said Karami, according to PressTV, before adding, “The fact is the lives of people are not important to American and Israeli companies because two sweet businesses are involved.”

“First, the contaminated food causes illness and then the patient needs drugs and medication. This is capitalism where money is the criteria and pharmaceuticals and medicine is a multi-trillion-dollar industry,” he went on to claim.

Karami said the proliferation of genetically modified products is part of a “dangerous plot to control Iran, the Middle East and the Islamic world in general.”

  • Thing is most of the anti-crowd likely already believe this.

    • Exile1981

      My biggest complaint about GMO foods is that they have less nutrients in them then foods 20 years ago. I was reading a study on nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in stores in 2014 vs the same testing done in the 1970’s and it found depending on the item in question a 20-70% reduction in food value because all the new foods are grown for storage and shipping ability not flavour or nutrients.

      • “…because all the new foods are grown for storage and shipping ability not flavour or nutrients.”

        That’s what we they want you to think.

        • Still, at least labeling allows the consumer to make his/her own choice in the matter, no?

        • Waffle

          What do a couple of generations raised on Big Macs know about flavour or nutrients anyhow?

          BTW, has anybody noticed how those conceived and born prior to 1950 — before processed and GMO foods — are living well into their 80’s and 90’s? Post 1950, not so much.

        • Exile1981

          Look at an industrial seed catalogue and you’ll see terms like “optimized for storage” and “uniform shape for processing” and “designed to resist bruising during transport”.

          • I’m kidding, dood. I don’t pretend to know anything about this stuff.

          • Exile1981

            Sorry 🙂

            I just ordered my seeds last week for my huge garden. It’s getting harder to find seeds not meant for market usage. It’s why I save seeds.

            Honestly I can buy a 5lb bag of carrots and they sit in our cold room for months as the kids hardly touch them unless forced to eat them. I grow 100lbs+ of carrots most summers in my garden and the kids will sit down and eat them raw with gusto and finish off all of them in 2 months from harvest time.

            Last week we finished the last of the saved tatters from the garden. I still have a dozen cans of garden veggies left and last of my squash was part of new years dinner.

          • Xavier

            If you’re a seed saver, you may have discovered that many of the seeds sold as hybrids… aren’t. Those that are can be stabilized over a few generations, resulting in viable seed that retains the qualities of hybrids.

          • Justin St.Denis

            My carrot crop was totalled by the wild hares that inhabit the land here. Next year, I am building a chicken wire enclosure to keep the critters away from particular crops.

          • Exile1981

            A few years ago my carrot crop was decimated by my youngest free ranging in the garden and devoiring baby carrots.

          • Norman_In_New_York

            Eh, what’s up, Doc?

          • Justin St.Denis

            You danged wabbit!!!!!

          • Justin St.Denis

            You had me worried there for a second as I was quite willing to accept that BCF had a batshit crazy moderator or two.

          • I’m sure you were.

          • Justin St.Denis

            One must take the good with the bad in life, I have always found. Even in the alternative media universe, there are batshit crazy fascists running around. One must always be ready to cope with the worst. I’m sure you agree. 😉

          • Yeah, Ethan, I’m a “batshit crazy fascist”. Whatever.

          • El Martyachi
          • Oh yes.

        • Xavier

          It is the same mindset that produces feature-rich appliances and household goods that are nearly impossible to use. They’re made to sell, not function.

          • Okay. But hasn’t genetic modification been used in agriculture since agriculture was invented? I know it has. As a failed archaeologist (sort of), I know that corn – the staple food of the more advanced parts of South and Central America before the Spanish showed up – used to lend a couple of little granules on a tiny cob. Once upon a time. Now look at it. The archaeological evidence for this exists, I’d look it up if I weren’t so lazy.

            Everyone knows this. The sheep, the corn, the rice, whatever – it’s all been altered, engineered, if you will, to suit our needs, over thousands of years. I know nothing about biology (sadly), but the theory of natural selection – in this case, farmer selection – is not hard to grasp.

            Isn’t the objection to genetically modified stuff kind of a freaked-out Science Is Out To Get Us thing? I mean, the produce is modified. It’s not radioactive.

            Here’s a guy who saved millions of lives who nobody’s ever heard of.

            Or, alternatively, it’s all a Jew conspiracy. That’s what the Turkish guy thinks.

            Turkey had a good century run.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Genetic modification has been going on for centuries. Not everything “genetic” happens in a laboratory. City people usually do not know this.

          • Xavier

            I am not a person who reads food labels to see if they are GMOs. As far as I can see, the majority of modifications to our food supply have been beneficial.

            But sometimes people do stupid things, so it’s best we keep a close eye on them.

            The genetic modifications you’re referring to with corn, sheep, etc are actually hybridization and/or natural selection; you and I just use the term modification more loosely than the scientists do.

            I’ve previously read about the development of corn and short wheat – if you can find a non-technical account of corn’s history, it is a very interesting story.

            And one day, I’ll tell you some good archaeological stories.

    • ontario john

      Environmental leftist loons don’t care how modified foods have saved millions of people in third world countries.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Or that technically speaking virtually everything is ‘genetically modified’ one way or another. Essentially 100% of the food staples we consume today would be unrecognizable and faintly inedible in their purely native natural state. Tomatoes wold be no bigger than cherry tomatoes, carrots would be 2 inches long and brown, bananas probably wouldn’t exist at all. And the human diet would not do well breaking down most wheats, ryes or barleys. In fact during the 18th century in England, tomatoes were decorative plants – people believed they were poisonous. Who knows, they may have been.

        • Justin St.Denis

          That is why tomato pasta sauce used to take hours to prepare. In the old days, they thought tomatoes (related to the deadly nightshade family of plants) were poisonous unless you cooked the bejesus out of them for hours. That was never true…

          • Ah, but the lack of scientific knowledge inadvertently led to better tasting food. I like to cook my tomato sauce for at least six hours (Sicilian style) — comes out rich and dark, spices totally permeating. “Fresher” sauce is not even in the same league taste-wise — almost a sacrilege to eat it that way.

            Time-consuming the traditional way, but I usually make several gallons and stick it in the freezer.

  • A “Zionist plot”? I dunno — do Orthodox Jews consider GM foods “kosher”? Haven’t heard any opinions from Jews either way on the subject of whether or not these foods would pass the scrutiny and blessing of a Rabbi re: being kosher.

    • Waffle

      Kosher only applies to animal products which includes meats, (cattle and fowl) and fish. Fruit and vegetables are not animal, therefore the concept of kosher does not apply (but I could be wrong). The whole argument is ridiculous. It’s like labellig a vegetarian product “no cholesterol”. Only animal products contain cholesterol.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Some genetically modified tomatoes contain a fish gene as it helps preserve the fruit for weeks. There CAN be “issues” of the sort you describe…..

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Grapes are the only fruit subject to kosher regulations because wine is used in religious rituals.

      • Thanks I learned something today. Although I should have known better — I used to got to Kensington Market in TO many years ago when it had a huge Jewish market. Rabbis were always there carefully watching the slaughter and treatment of meat. I should have noticed that they weren’t blessing vegetables! 🙂

  • mobuyus

    Genetic modification has been happening for a few thousand years it’s called animal husbandry.

    • Waffle

      I think the GMO in this context refers to actual DNA engineering — the creation of new forms.

    • Exile1981

      There are two types of GMO. The first kind is when they use gene splicing to do what would have traditionally been done with selective breeding.

      The second kind is when they take genes from a completely different species and combine them to get something that could never have shown up naturally in nature. The one example I can think of off my head was the peas with arctic char genes to make them stay firmer after being frozen. In this case it was a fish gene into a plant which no matter how much Barry White music you play it isn’t going to happen in nature. Those ones never went into the market because of a problem with people with fish allergies reacting to them in testing.

      The FDA does not require the two types of GMO’s to be labelled differently from each other. Also given patent rules it’s very hard to find out what was done to GMO crops. Did they add a gene from a different species of corn into that corn or did it come from something not even a plant?

  • Ed

    I support 100% their not buying our food.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Bernie Sanders voters already believe this.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Bernie Sanders voters will believe anything.

  • ontario john

    Damn those Jews are smart. Or muslims are bat shit crazy. I wonder which one it is? Hmmmmm

    • k1962


      • Justin St.Denis

        Anti-Semite much?

        • k1962

          That’s funny. I’m a Zionist and a Jew and yes, generally speaking, Jews are smart.

          • Justin St.Denis

            But perhaps you are not very CLEAR in your writing, my friend, despite your alleged intelligence. From one Zionist to another. 😉

          • k1962

            I guess I should have expanded on my single word reply. Sorry 😉

  • Gary

    Are muslims that weak and stupid to the point where the alleged 1.8 billion are ruled over by just 7 million jews in Israel????
    No wonder islam hasn’t created anything for society for 500 years now , they are now Wards Of The World where the 6 billion non-muslims must carry them and provide all the Electronics , appliances and Inventions .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Yes, muslims are that weak. Also, muslims are that stupid. Centuries of cousin-marriages carries a price tag….. Ever try communicating with a Somali? You stand a better chance of getting an appropriate response from a brick wall than a Somali, because they are THAT STUPID! It’s really quite daunting for a few teachers I know in Toronto’s west end. One seasoned teacher admitted to me “I stopped even trying to reach the Somali kids after about 10 years. Now I just ignore them as much as I can, and I TRY to ensure that their failing grades are not mysteriously “increased” by the school principal.” There you have it! 😉

  • k1962

    Yeah, because we don’t eat.

  • Justin St.Denis

    You just can’t beat muslims as conspiracy theorists, can you? They really do take the “gold” when it comes to batshit crazy conspiracy theories.

    Hey, does anyone have any muslim kids lying around the house? I need some muslim baby blood to make matzos. 😉

  • UCSPanther

    The Ayatollahs are spewing the usual antisemitic propaganda. What else is new?

  • Maxsteele

    Good gosh, these Zionists sure have control over and caused so many things in the world. Imagine that they picked this little desert sh*t hole to call their home that has little to no natural resources, where they have transformed it into a near paradise. Unlike the barbarians that surround them. You would think such amazingly gifted and intelligent people would choose somewhere better to mount their world domination. These people have been watching too many Pinky and the brain episodes.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They recycle 85% of their waste water and operate five desalination plants. So much for desert limitations. And the hot sunshine enables their chicks to strut their stuff in teeny bikinis.

  • Edubeat

    I should add he doesn’t like Schwartz’s Montreal smoke meat but he loves pepperoni a la goat

  • JohnfromToronto

    I think he is right. He is an example of a genetically modified animal. Maybe a donkey and an amoeba. Something stupider than dog spit.

  • B__2

    The Iranians are certainly practicing what Ali Karami is preaching; consanguinity rate in Iran is 38.6% (i.e. marriage of cousins or close relatives), meaning that they are working hard to prevent any genetic diversity or modification in their human populations. Only countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan have higher consanguinity rates.