In Munich, a fightening preview of the rise of killer robots

The Munich Security Conference is an annual catalogue of horrors. But the most ominous discussion this past weekend wasn’t about Islamic State terrorism but a new generation of weapons — such as killer robots and malignly programmed “smart” appliances that could be deployed in future conflicts.

  • Robots will likely be used against civilians, for “crowd control” – welcome to the world of Terminator.
    Data security is also a big problem, and that’s already now.

  • Barrington Minge

    Unfair to Benders!!!!

  • Exile1981

    This is why I don’t connect any household device to the internet. As soon as you do it is spying for someone; and no one needs to know what i wear when I get up for a midnight snack.

    • Dana Garcia

      I pay cash whenever possible. Those little plastic cards provide a perfect record of one’s behavior, all for a little “convenience.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Because all those computerized throttlebodies in Toyotas and/or Takata airbags were harmless?