Dubious “Teen” Refugee locked up for gay man ‘snake murder’

A teenager who murdered a gay man and wrapped a snake around his neck has been sentenced.

Gothenburg disctrict court on Wednesday sentenced the 16-year-old to four years in a detention centre for juvenile offenders and to pay damages to the relatives of the victim.

After he has served his time the boy, who is understood to be of north African origin and had been sleeping rough in the streets of Sweden, will be deported from the Nordic country, said the court.

Medical X-ray analysis indicated that the boy was older than the 15 years he had claimed he was at the time of the murder, however the court found that it was “likely” that he was at least under 18.


I suggest the finding he was under 18 lets them cut their losses via deportation rather than paying his upkeep for life.

  • felis gracilis

    Why pay his room and board for four more years? Is there something wrong with deporting now?

    • How about deportation from the planet? The Dumb Euros got rid of capital punishment and now they have to further murder truth and justice instead. They are doomed.

  • Xavier

    If you think they’re lying about their age, cut their heads off and count the rings – like on a tree.

  • Dave

    deport him from 12000′ sans parachute.