Canadian security agencies under strain while threats have ‘seldom been so high,’ former senior officials say

TORONTO — Two former high-ranking officials have written a joint letter warning that Canada’s national security agencies are under strain and urging the Liberal government to address the issue as a top priority.

Luc Portelance and Ray Boisvert wrote that the new government’s commitment to increasing the accountability of the security community must also address gaps in capabilities at a time that threats have “seldom been so high.”


PinkpanthersellersThreats what threats? CSIS and the RCMP refuse to acknowledge Muslim terrorism exists; The RCMP and CSIS won’t update Canadians about the number of radicals they’re tracking. It could be decreasing. It could be increasing. They won’t say.

I say cut their budgets, they obviously have things well in hand.

  • Good idea. Import some additional Muslims.

  • Ed

    Phantom bed bugs in free refugee housing breeds resentment. And resentment breeds anger. And anger breeds extremism. And extremism breeds violence. And violence breeds islamophobia. And islamophobia breeds resentment. And so on.

    Not bad, for amateur rootcauseology.

  • Watch: Opposition head grills Canadian PM on Hamas funding. Trudeau gets put on the spot for his planned $15 million for UNRWA despite its documented Hamas ties – his answer is priceless.””

    • Justin St.Denis

      Every night I pray to the Almighty to take Shiny Pony to His bosom or – alternatively – expedite his descent into Hell SOON!

      Just because Canadians were STUPID and made Shiny Pony the Canadian PM does not mean that those same Canadians should die at the hands of medieval Syrian migrants and other assorted camel-jockeys and sand-monkeys.

      • It is enough if his gov’t falls and new elections are called.

        • Physics grad

          His govt should fall in a violent coup. He is a treasonous scumbag.

          • Democracy is patience and forbearance.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Believe me, if Emperor Shiny Pony Trudeau the Second had his way, I have no doubt Omar Khadr would be the head of CSIS.

    • lolwut?

      The spokesperson for CSIS is a Muslim.

      Her name is Tahera Mufti

      mufti (/ˈmʌfti/; Arabic: مفتي‎ muftī; Turkish: müftü) is an Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law