‘Calais, Welcome to the Jungle’ – an interview with the No Borders Quislings

Independent filmmakers Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten try to obtain an interview with the No Borders Solidarity Network in Calais for their documentary ‘Calais, Welcome to the Jungle’. Their polite request is turned down as the activists declare their premisses a ‘journalist free space’. In this clip the activists explain their problems with the media ‘mediating their message’.

h/t lolwut?

  • The Butterfly

    Aren’t there treason laws on the books that we can use to execute these people?

    • felis gracilis

      The traitor elites have stolen the laws from the people. It will soon be time to reclaim them. Like… you know…

  • Brenda

    I think that instead of calling themselves journalists, they should have dressed up as shaggy hipsters and said they were doing a documentary. They would probably have gotten some pretty explosive stuff that way.