But the engineer missed a critical point

From “Lessons in social engineering for social engineers” in the Federalist:

Why are most engineers politically conservative? The answer is that engineers fail most of the time. In engineering there is a cycle of design, test, test failure, diagnosis, and redesign, until a product is perfected. Failure is the natural state of engineering new devices. Through their repeated failures, competent engineers are forced to become rigorously honest and functionally conservative.

Contrast the few successful government programs with the many notorious failures. ObamaCare is the contemporary classic. But, what we have not yet seen is all the damage that ObamaCare has in store. Examples of programs where we do see the wreckage are those “Great Society” antipoverty programs initiated by President Johnson. Enough time has passed to validate the early warnings. Senator Daniel Moynihan warned, all the way back in 1965, that liberal poverty policy was leading to disaster: the breakup of families, crime, drug use, wasted lives and all the other horrid consequences that have followed. The liberal community did not listen and, today, we are stuck with the predicted social disaster. More.

Reality check: All good points, but we are failing to recognize a critical fact: Big progressive government no longer needs to benefit its helpless dependents the way an engineer needs to build a dam that keeps the water in.

In a largely automated society, the governed are no longer “proles” whom the elite and their ‘crats need to work. Governing them will be a hobby for artsie-minded ‘crats. And if the new involuntary leisure class don’t like it, they can choose to be Soylent Green instead. It’s their right, after all.

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