Ankara explosion: At least 28 killed and 61 injured after ‘car bomb’ hits centre of Turkish capital

Around 28 people have been killed after an apparent car bomb rocked the Turkish capital of Ankara.

Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu said a further 61 were wounded.

A statement from the armed forces said a bus carrying military personnel was targeted when it stopped at a set of traffic lights outside army barracks.

  • Waffle

    That must have been the factor to cause the gold market to whipsaw just after 3 p.m. edt. Gold recently broke through the psychological level of $1200 and some are calling for $2000.

    • Ya never know!

    • Gary

      Gold was over bought , in 2005 it was around 600.00 an ounce and went up to $1800.00 by 2011 but pulled back and had support at $1600.00.
      The people that made money on the way up from 1500.00 had sold it along with any Options or Shares or Gold stocks. Lots of investors that bought in around $1500.00 are holding Gold in Retirement accounts and see it as a long term purchase , or have a profit number in their mind as do those that came late and paid $1700.00 .

      When Gold hit $1500.00 it also triggered older Mines to be opened again even if their cost per Oz was $1000.00 . Gold is much like Oil where the high price opens up old Wells to flood the market , but the over production drives down the price and shuts down projects as we now see for costs that are above 30.00 a barrel .

      Even if Gold goes to $2000.00 there are lots of people that owned it at $1700.00 and up to 1800.00 .

      • Justin St.Denis

        I have been stashing gold and platinum for over four decades now. It is really quite surprising just how much of these precious metals you can purchase as you roll along the Highway of Life. 😉

        BTW, Swiss banks are quite useless when it comes to safety deposit boxes for this sort of thing. Don’t bother. And don’t bother with any Canadian banks either since you might as well ADVERTISE what you are stashing as leave it in a Cdn bank.

        There are better, more secure ways to hide larger quantities of precious metals thoroughly from prying eyes.

      • Waffle

        The best time to buy gold is when nobody else wants it and “everybody” (whoever they may be) is telling you it’s a lousy investment. Huge buying from China and India where people still believe that gold is a safe haven;

      • canminuteman

        I bought gold at about 300 an ounce (US, it was about 500 cdn at the time. I had just got married, we needed somewhere to live and looked at a house in Toronto for 180,000 that we thought was massively overpriced. We thought we were in a housing bubble, so took a chunk of our down payment and bought gold assuming the housing market was going to crash. I was lucky enough to get a job outside of the city and we bought a house in a less insane market and still have the gold hidden away. I would have made way more money if I had bought (and still owned) that house. I have no intention of selling it unless I find I really need the money, which in the event of some sort of economic collapse I might.

  • simus1

    When you are a total idiot like ergogan and screw with the Kurds, Putin, plus the syrian ruling class, all at the same time, shit happens.

    • African

      Very well-said!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Gee whiz! My heart is pumping purple pus for poor Erdogan and his batshit crazy administration, too! 😉

  • African

    Expect the genocidal Turkish state to implode and become another failed muslim state.

  • Darn.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Barbecue Akbar!

  • Shebel


    • Justin St.Denis

      Indeed. You took the words right outta my mouth!

  • Shebel

    Maybe you people should be nicer to us . Until then….