The Middle East might just be a problem that can’t be solved – least of all by Arab dictators

Arab dictators were easy to mock – at least from a safe distance. With their dark glasses, Ruritanian uniforms and omnipresent portraits, men like Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad were derided by foreigners who lived far away from their prisons and torture chambers.

When this pair dominated Iraq and Syria respectively, few would have believed that tyrants of their brand could ever be regarded with nostalgia. And yet today, as ruin overtakes swathes of the Middle East, dictator nostalgia is becoming fashionable.

  • Minicapt

    … and they’re ‘Socialists’, like Mussolini …


  • Standing upside down in a telephone booth baking a cake. So what is this author’s point?: “Some problems don’t have solutions”. Duh, that’s called realism — something authors like him could have used when they supported the unrealistic “Arab Spring” that toppled these tin-pan dictators in the first place and brought in something worse — of global proportions.

    • H

      I thought the article was pretty incoherent too. He makes a decent argument for morality being a more important consideration than practicality, but then proceeds to switch around and argue pragmatically, saying that not all problems can’t be solved.

      Also, after mentioning that strongmen like Gaddafi had their uses in terms of keeping order and stability, he then essentially contradicts himself with “certain areas of the Middle East may be ungovernable and all we can ever do is manage situations and reduce risk. Sometimes – as in Libya – this will involve toppling a dictator before he does even more damage. ” So “managing” the situation in that case involved opening Pandora’s Box and letting ISIS out.

      So which is it, according to him? Should we do the “moral” thing or do we “manage” the situation? He seems to be rather confused on this point.

  • UCSPanther

    “Miss me yet?” – Moammar Gaddafi’s ghost

  • Physics grad

    The Middle East is A Problem That Can only Be Solved with nuclear biological and chemical weapons.

  • infedel

    …at least the Christian were safe under the dictatorships,,,and then again phuque islam because all those lands were Christian.

  • Islam is the problem.

    Islam is a social blueprint for failure and strife.

    It is really quite simple.

    1) Islamic theology teaches a small, but big enough percentage, of its most devout followers, to kill in the name of Islam.
    2) Islam encourages these killers to be self initiating.
    3) Islam teaches these killers to kill anyone who tries to change this endless circle.

    The end result is a dysfunctional society. The only way to rule is with brute force, hence the Muslim dictators.

    Read my longer thesis on this at:

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