Jewish star of Scandinavian BBC crime drama The Bridge quit show because of filming in ‘anti-Semitic’ Malmo

Danish actor Kim Bodnia has revealed that one of the reasons why he quit hit show The Bridge was because as a Jew he did not feel safe working in Sweden.

Bodnia played detective Martin Rohde in two seasons of the Scandi-crime show, but after first signing up for a third, he later dropped out.

The 50-year-old had previously cited issues with the script, but has now said his departure was also caused by of the rise of anti-Semitism in Sweden.

  • ntt1

    Another great scandinavian show with good directors and actors ,something forever out of reach for the incestuous CBC.

    • I hear it is good.

      • Hard Little Machine

        The American version, ‘The Bridge’ was ok the first season. After that it went off the rails.

      • lzzrd

        It is well worth the effort to find it.I used Hulu. They also, have other excellent Euro crime series available. I know, I have watched all of them LOL……..

    • barryjr

      CBC doesn’t care they have PM Shithead and the Liberals to keep sliding over a few bucks here and there. Kinda like my wife giving the kids money now and then “for the grandchildren” (nudge nudge).

  • Frau Katze

    Not safe in the multikulti paradise of Sweden? I’m shocked, shocked!

  • Justin St.Denis

    No Jewis safe in Sweden. If it isn’t the Koranimals out to get them, it’s the Swedes themselves. Swedes are Europe’s most virulent anti-Semites. Sweden has an entire population predisposed to becoming an islamic state. How fucking lovely!

    • Physics grad

      Between Adolph Merkel, Fuhrer of the EU, and her hordes of muslim brownshirts, everywhere in the EU is a danger zone.

      Best to just get out of europe and then nuke the whole place.

    • V10_Rob

      As soon as the islamists are done with the Jews, they’ll turn on the ethnic Swedes (and other native Europeans). Canary in the coal mines…

  • simus1

    Always listen to your gut.