Cologne sex attack #Rapefugee arrested after bragging on TV about leading a gang of migrant pickpockets who target women

An asylum seeker who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager during the mob-like attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve has been arrested after his ‘victim’ spotted him on TV.

The Moroccan man, only identified as Taoufik M., 33, appeared on a program about his Fagin-style life heading a gang of pickpockets.

His alleged teenage victim saw him on television and recognised him as the man she claims molested her in the west German city.

  • xavier

    Since when is a Moroccan a refugee or a migrant? Toss his assistant back. Morocco isn’t that much of a hellholw

  • Shebel

    Is the guy in the pic a Moroccan refugee?
    Looks more like a Punk Rocker criminal.

  • DD_Austin

    Illegal alien=>Foreign Criminal=>Refugee=>Victim of racism

    They hav’nt got to step 4 on this guy yet

    Asia and Africa are dumping their criminals into Europe
    Europe is a chump, and now a dump

  • mauser 98

    pickpockets …ppphhhrrrttt..

  • P_F

    “However, police has identified him as the boss of a gang of North African thieves and pickpockets who has been arrested 22 times by police for crimes ranging from grievous bodily harm through to organised thievery.”
    “At the end of last year, he was given a seven-month suspended sentence for organised theft because of his control of the pickpocketing game.”

    Shows the apathy of European public & police.

    • David Murrell

      …as in, the German “justice systrm” is so lax, the quack judges care not in the slightest to protect the public from violent immigrant hoods.