Peter Tatchell: The intolerant student Left has even turned on me – a lifelong civil rights campaigner

Free speech and enlightenment values are under attack in our universities. In the worthy name of defending the weak and marginalised, many student activists are now adopting the unworthy tactic of seeking to close down open debate. They want to censor people they disagree with. I am their latest victim.

This is not quite the Star Chamber, but it is the same intolerant mentality. Student leader Fran Cowling has denounced me as racist and transphobic, even though I’ve supported every anti-racist and pro-transgender campaign during my 49 years of human rights work.

  • ntt1

    Frankenstein’s monster claims another of its own. Destructive twinks like tatchell are wholly responsible for creating a fascistic class of empty headed drones studying professional grievance and victimhood. I hope they give him the full treatment.

    • Zero sympathy for the guy. Unless he retracts the false and defamatory statements he made against others throughout his life — all the people he falsely labelled “racists” and “phobes” of the various genres. And unless he offers to pay damages to individuals he may have specifically targeted who lost jobs and the ability to put bread on the table, lost families, and whose lives he may have ruined. Tatchell owes a debt to society, and if he fails to pay that debt then he will spend an eternity in hell with same “progressive” Fascists who he himself indoctrinated and who are now targeting him.

  • UCSPanther

    This is just like that battle between those trannies and feminist icon Germaine Greer after her comment that “Emasculation does not equal woman”. To Greer’s credit, she refused to back down and doubled down, much to their dismay.

    I have some respect for the old ’70s radicals because they at least had a laid out and cohesive ideology that could be followed. These modern day “Red Guards” and “Brownshirts” are all over the map and just plain insane, looking for an excuse to lynch anyone who disagrees with their delusions.

    • John

      Greer did have a lot of insight back then.

      Cosmo’s ‘women of the year’ in 2015 had a dick…so even emasculation is no longer necessary to be considered female.

  • RevnantDream

    socialism is ultimately cannibalistic when they have no others to attack in order to make themselves more in charge. Its why purges exists in these nations.

  • El Martyachi
  • 945dad21

    There is an old saying which goes “Every revolution eventually devours it own”. And, I would add, this one well deserves to.

    • John

      Danton, Robespierre, Trotsky….among many, many others.

  • ed

    the same man that in writing says sex with little boys is ok with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moraywatson

    That sad moment when a “lifelong human rights activist” realizes that sanctimony doesn’t grow on trees.

  • John

    La révolution dévore toujours ses enfants. I’ve little sympathy for Tatchell. He was engaging in witch hunts against homosexual priests while at the same time lobbying to have the age of consent reduced to 14…the average age of the boys abused by the priests he so vigorously denounced.

    Although, to be honest, he does occasionally say something intelligent… once every ten-twelve years or so.

    Back in ’94 or so he wrote a prescient piece called “The New Dark Age” after having attended a chilling conference hosted by Muslim fundies.

    But only weeks later was back in form with his racism and islamophobia blathering.

  • Clausewitz

    Step one: Commies take over through revolution, and kill all intellectual opponents. Step two: They Jimmy up their own little cultural revolution and kill off anyone who remotely might vie for power. Rinse, repeat.