Egypt’s “Security Threat”: Churches

On February 1, Tharwat Bukhit, a Coptic Christian member of Egypt’s parliament, announced “there are approximately 50 churches in Egypt closed for reasons of security.”

When the “Arab Spring” broke out in 2011, Egypt’s Christians compiled a list of 43 churches that had been shut down by local authorities over the years. This list was given to the prime minister of Egypt at the time, Dr. Essam Sharaf, who said that the churches would be opened as soon as possible. Yet since then, according to Bukhit, “Today, the number of closed churches has grown to almost 50.”

  • k1992

    I’ve read in a couple of places that the Copts perceive General al-Sisi as their defender and ally. Either he is trying but can only do so much to protect them against overwhelming muslim hatred … or perhaps he doesn’t really want to protect them.

    • Everyone Else

      Al-Sisi never renounced Islamic supremacism. He only said that with 25% of the world population they’d lose a war if they picked one with everyone else.

  • Xavier

    Could we do that here? “We’re afraid someone will attack the mosque, so for your safety we’re shutting it down.”

  • B__2

    I think we all know when ‘as soon as possible’ will be: Never, or maybe it will be the day after the muslims believe Jesus will return to Earth to destroy Christianity. When this is supposed to happen, the option of living as a dhimmi (second class citizen) will be removed leaving non-muslims with the only options of either convert or die.

  • I can’t wait for that to happen here!

  • simus1

    The Copts are considered somewhat useful by the Egyptian military when it comes to comprehending how to keep a lot of their basic mechanical stuff operational. The leverage this provides in turn to the overall Coptic community is probably not very great.