Douglas Murray – Refugees in Europe and Australia

  • Brett_McS

    Alan Jones is popular radio personality in Australia, and has been for as long as I can remember. He is one of the reasons for the enduring popularity of talk-radio, it being an outlet of conservative discussion when most of the other media has been taken over by the left. No wonder they try to shut it down. Jones was also the coach of the Australian Rugby team (the Wallabies) back in the ’80s.

    • Maurice Miner

      And, do not forget, had a bit of an embarrassing history!

      • Brett_McS

        As we see from The Donald’s example, that is not always a disadvantage.

    • Frances Hansen

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    • BradThomas

      Reminds me of Lowell Green in Ottawa, Canada, who recently retired after something like 50 years or more as a radio talk show host. And with that one of the last bastions of conservative radio (he used to call his show “the island of sanity”) has disappeared from Canada and will not return. Sometimes it seems that The Left is winning everywhere and has been for perhaps decades.

  • Excellent.

  • Jim Horne

    How much could Australians be on the hook for?

    “Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, estimates the net cost of resettling 10,000 refugees averages out to $6.5 U.S. billion over the lifespan of those refugees.” Paul Bedford, Washington Examiner
    Assuming that Australia’s lifespan costs would be in line with U.S. costs that means that lifespan costs of resettling 12,000 refugees in Australia would be about $7.8 U.S. billion.

    From where will Australia get that money?

    • Similar calculations might be made for the 25’000 Syrian “refugees” to be imported by Trudeau to please his Muslim masters. Assuming about the same costs offhand, this would mean 16.25 billion US dollars over their lifespans (not to mention the many “families” of these first comers that will doubtless be reunited over time).

      In Canadian dollars that 22.5 billion. Nice free gift to a bunch of foreigners who will cause enormous harm to countless people in exchange (rapes, murders, robberies, etc.).

      • John

        Montréal has a huge homeless problem. Last winter ( 2015) teams of census takers took to the streets to find out just how many there were. They discovered that there were far more than city shelters could ever handle. Nothing was done.

        And now we’re to take in 10,000 ‘refugees’?

        And oh! It was minus 28C here on the weekend…

  • mauser 98
    • Yeah, Merkel and her ilk have gone completely crazy.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Absolutely batshit!

        • That’s the exact word that crossed my mind, but I did not want to use such a crude expression in public.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Avi, I am not “crude”; rather, I am “economical”. Having spent the better part of 40 years ghosting for others, I tend to be as brief and to-the-point as possible when commenting on blogs. A terse “fuck you” can be a perfectly appropriate response to much of the bullshit one reads online. If you wish, I can refer you to an autobiographical volume which I penned for the nominal author. I am actually linguistically gifted and can compose very eloquent prose in three (almost four but I am not QUITE there yet) languages. But yes, I am short on patience and tend to bluntness online. If that offends, please bypass my posts in future and thus spare yourself the bruised sentiments. Thanks so much.

          • Justin – I certainly was not criticizing you, but on the contrary telling you my like-mindedness. I was not calling you crude, only the word. I avoid crude language online (and all the more so in physical society), but that does not mean I ‘disapprove’ of other people who use it. 🙂

      • mauser 98

        also Mexico , Guatemala cut deal to speed children north to the US.
        Barry complicit