Court wants Muslim teenager at risk of becoming a jihadi bride in Syria to watch more TV to ‘learn about the wider world – including football and boys’

A Muslim teenager feared to be in danger of being radicalised and travelling to Syria to become a Jihadi bride should be watching more television, a family court judge has been told.

The teenager, now 17, is one of a number of Muslim girls from east London who found have themselves at the centre of family court litigation after police and social services staff raised concerns about them being exposed to Islamic State ideology.

Mr Justice Hayden is analysing her case at hearings in the Family Division of the High Court and is expected to make decisions relating to how she can be protected later this year.

  • “Boys”? That’s so problematic. Just, like, assuming that ze’s not trans or otherkin. Stupid patriarchy.

    No wonder zir wants to join ISIS. I can’t even.

  • Martin B

    For some reason, courts never need to order Amish teenagers to watch TV so they can learn about football and boys. I guess Amish folk just don’t take their religion seriously.

  • H

    It all depends on what she watches: if it’s useful, sophisticated stuff like the “Housewives of (insert city name)” then she’ll inevitably be so impressed with sophisticated Western culture and values that she’ll certainly renounce jihad forever. And, of course, the BBC, CBC, MSNBC et al are required viewing for anyone interested in expanding their minds. (sarc – in case you couldn’t tell!)

    • Ed

      Problem is, they’ll have to learn how to line up those slits with the tv. That will need a whole new government program.

  • moraywatson

    Clearly London needs an inner-city cricket program for its dysfunctional mohammedan yutes.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Wouldn’t recommend putting the bats in their hands. Just sayin. 😉

  • First of all she’s 17. I don’t know about the laws in Britain, but in Canada you’re pretty much your own boss from the age of 16 if you want to be — you can leave home and mom and dad have no say, neither do the courts. I left home at 17 and built my own life, and my former mate left home at 16 and built hers — Social Services had no authority in the matter. That’s what a lot of youth did in the ’60’s (although wages were excellent in comparison back then — a single person could amass a small fortune as a simple labourer).

    And the answer to Jihad recruitment is TV? Are we talking about the same Left-wing TV that downplays or outright censors the horrors of Islamo-fascism, and turns the murderous fascists into “victims”? I think the Judge in this case is disconnected from reality — the problem has to be confronted ideologically, the one area the West refuses to consider.

    • moraywatson

      Mohammedans are on the lunar calendar, so at 17 lunar years the muslima might not be 16 yet under non-sharia law. (Just half joking !)

  • simus1

    Surely there are plenty of misfit muslim “jihadis” languishing in British jails who would find marriage even to older women like these a great comfort in their present circumstances.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A Canadian Imam welcomes Syrian refugees with an order to “destroy our enemies” and to pray for “Mujahideen’s (jihadists) to hit their targets”…Religion of peace?

    Since we can’t see the crowd, are we to assume this message of “peace” was delivered to the “widows and orphans” who are flocking to the US and Canada looking for refuge?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Charming. Was that pm Shiny Pony I spotted there in the adoring crowd?

  • Frances

    Given the moral vacuity of too much of the present TV programming, ordering this girl to watch same will almost invariably reinforce her belief that the West is totally decadent and that Islam is the answer.

  • THAT is the court’s answer to this problem?

    Oh, boy….

  • luna

    The judge is actually onto something here. The problem is a narrow world view. Indeed radio and television is not only capable of, but should be used for the betterment of society. In particular in the U.K. BBC should be waging an active propaganda war against jihad & sharia, while raising awareness about cult mind control tactics, which can help inoculate people against radicalization.

    • Brenda

      Unfortunately, it’s doing the opposite.

  • Bataviawillem

    Give here a ticket and cancel here passport, because she will never ever be a contributing member of society and always be a drain on public funds.

  • Edubeat

    If we exclude Justin Bieber, Celine Screamer, CBCers and Justine Dreamer and assorted other Canadian n’er do wells our teenies will get the right message