CIA knew of impending ISIS attack days before Paris: ‘System was blinking red’

The CIA knew ISIS was planning an imminent attack just days before the barbaric terror group slaughtered 130 people in Paris.

CIA Director John Brennan told 60 Minutes that the ‘system was blinking red’ shortly before ISIS launched its horrific gun and bomb attack in the French capital.

Brennan said the intelligence agency was aware of an impending atrocity but was unable to intercept encrypted messages the terrorists were using in the build-up to the massacre.


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  • Kathy Prendergast

    Bless the Poles for refusing to drink the Koolaid of political correctness….although I have to say the woman in this photo looks rather too much like she’s laughing.

    • Frances Hansen

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  • V10_Rob

    “Nice place you got there. Be real a shame if a terrorist attack were to happen to it, just because you wouldn’t let us record everything you say and do.”

    Assuming governments had total and unrestricted access to all communications tomorrow, do you think the police and security services would use it to go after criminals and islamists with a vengeance, now that they know exactly who they are? Or do you think they’d demure, too scared to act on it for fear of being called a racists?

    The police are regularly told to stand down (despite hard evidence) because the culprit is special protected unicorn and the whole thing would be politically uncomfortable. Meanwhile, every other case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome involves a ‘known wolves’ that was already apparently under a watchful eye.

    No, mass surveillance won’t be used to round up bad guys. They tell us that’s what it’s for, and they might even believe it themselves, but no. So they’ll need to find something else to use all that data for, like harassing political opposition groups or whatever the social boogeyman of the day is.

  • Hard Little Machine

    bitch was askin for it.

  • moraywatson


  • Hard Little Machine

    John Brennan btw is most likely a closet Muslim. He’s more or less quietly admitted he is. He refuses to call Jerusalem Jerusalem preferring instead to officially call it al Quds. There are other signs.

  • RonG

    I notice that all the intelligence agencies and police forces often seem to know something is about to happen, and after it happens they know where to go to pick up the suspects, who often are already “known”. Still, they advocate more invasions of privacy – to do what exactly?