Justin Trudeau Useful Idiot

The infiltration of PM Useful Idiot’s government – Kurdistan, Khalistan, Canada and India!

“…India is also aware of an active Canadian Khailistani movement for carving a theistic Sikh state out of India. The Khalistani movement exported from countries like Canada in the first place died its natural death in India years ago. It had been supported by the CIA and the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI). The US has clearly changed its position as it seeks a stronger strategic partnership with India but ISI continues to support various groups to destabilise India using part of the funds it receives from the US.

The movement for Khalistan remains alive in Canada and particularly so by way of influence in Canada’s political parties. The Islamists too have succeeded in infiltrating the political parties in Canada. They share with the Khalistanis the desire to undermine the unity and integrity of India. And unfortunately some of Trudeau’s insiders and gatekeepers particularly in Ontario and British Columbia have been associated with the Khalistanis. Their influence reaches deep into the Trudeau government.

Surprisingly, the City of Surrey just hired a prominent Trudeau backer, a former president of a separatist organisation, to work on its behalf vis a vis the federal government.”