Tommy Robinson found unconscious after attack

Tommy Robinson, co-founder of EDL and PEGIDA UK, is in hospital following an attack during a night out in his hometown of Luton.

Robinson, which real name is Stephen Lennon, was on a night out with his wife when he was found unconscious with head injuries.

Note I am not finding any other corroboration for this report as yet.

Update – Tommy Robinson: Ex-EDL leader in hospital after attack outside Essex nightclub

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), is recovering in hospital after being attacked outside an Essex nightclub, his representatives have said. The 33-year-old was found lying unconscious in the street after reportedly being hit over the head during a night out with friends over the weekend.

h/t R and AlanUK

  • V10_Rob

    Queue the victim-blaming from the progs.

  • BillyHW

    I’m sure the police are going to look real hard into this.

    • DD_Austin

      I’m sure the police looked real hard in this
      catching Tommy off guard must have taken months of 24/7 police work.

  • Islam Is a Crock

    l hope he didn’t report this to the police otherwise he’ll end up the one being charged whilst Anjem Choudry is buttfucking the arresting bobby….

  • Ron MacDonald

    Britain has security cameras everywhere, it shouldn’t be difficult to find out who did it.

  • AlanUK
  • Chatillon

    I have immense admiration for Tommy Robinson. He soldiers on despite the fact that he is a marked man. He speaks clearly and intelligently. He gives the impression that he can take care of himself in a scuffle, which may explain why this attack was from behind. Whether it was from an “antifascist” or “Asian” (who all too often seem to be found at drinking establishments, especially where women are to be found) is anybody’s guess, despite the presence of CCTV. You see, the cops have to be interested in solving this crime and it’s apparent that the UK cops/authorities have it in for Tommy.

    The safety of Tommy and others like him has got to be made a matter of public interest, indeed, outrage. I still have hope for free speech and peaceful protest but that hope is harder and harder to sustain. And it’s clear that many in the civilized world feel this way as well.

    • UCSPanther

      I think the West is due for civil war and revolution. If it was a volcano, we would be seeing major uplift in the terrain and increased fumerole (Gas venting) activity.

      The question is: When will it finally go off?

      • From the ibtimes link: “Jeremy Corbyn joins campaign opposing anti-Islam march through Birmingham”.

        Funny how the militant Left never gets beat up, much less prosecuted. Your “volcano” analogy is quite fitting — when we finally blow it ain’t gonna be pretty. Western Governments are on the razor’s edge — they have to stop the bias now. The legal principle of self-defense is as old as the Magna Carta.

  • Ed

    While unconscious he was vulnerable to being mis-identified as Labour.