Marinated In Hate

On January 17, Morad Adais, a fifteen-year-old Palestinian, entered the settlement of Otniel, and stabbed to death Dafna Meir, Hy’d, a thirty-eight-year-old mother of four and foster mother of two other children under five. Four of the children were in the house with here at the time of the stabbing, and were likely spared only because the diminutive woman fought so fiercely to protect them.

Dafna Meir was a nurse in the neuro-surgery department of Beersheba’s Soroko Hospital. Dr. Ahmed Nasser, a colleague in the department, described her as his “best friend” in the department. He spoke of how Meir was studying Arabic, as she told him, because “we are neighbors; we should speak in one language.”

Meir’s sheer goodness in taking foster children into her home, even her friendship with an Arab colleague, of course, meant nothing to her killer. All he sought was to kill a Jew, any Jew.

  • Physics grad

    The palestinians should be exterminated

    • BillyHW

      It’s long overdue.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There is no such thing as a child soldier. If they raise a hand to you, kill them

  • Ed

    Any peace loving “Palestinians” have long left the region. Those who remain are warped, depraved savages, who would happily trade peace and prosperity for their all consuming passion. Killing Jews. When an errant bomb takes out a house, the walls of that house have photos of “martyrs” hung proudly. The mother of that house teaches her kids that their highest calling is “martyrdom operations.” They are not “civilians.”

  • Exile1981

    The palestinians teach hate from a young age; its in the music, the childrens shows, the schools.

    The only way to end the cycle of palestinian hate would be to kill anyone older than 3. After age 3 they are so infused with hate in every aspect of society that they will never be right in the head.

    They have created a closed cycle of hate, as long as nothing is done to break it, there will never come a time when the adults raised in that toxic enviroment do not choose hate for the other over love of their own offspring.

  • simus1

    When you are plagued with flies, the sensible person keeps a fly swatter close by.