Justice Scalia’s Great Heart

scaliaSome of Justice Antonin Scalia’s decisions I agreed with and some I disagreed with. But I’ve never once doubted the sincerity of his beliefs.

Now that he is gone from this earth, I can tell a story I’ve held inside for many years, a scene that touched me deeply and profoundly. I cannot think of him without remembering this moment.

h/t Brett

  • A great man and a true conservative. How interesting to read the comments over there and to observe the overweening lefties and commies try to assassinate his character by misconstruing his love of The Constitution as mean and exclusive. Of course nothing will ever change the hateful close-mindedness of the “progressive” emotionalists, not the greatness of the idea nor the majesty of its achievements. Just look at the horrid squalor communism invariably brings and compare it to the richest, finest nation ever to grace the globe- Nope, they can’t see beyond their preconceived prejudice. After all is said and done, the US Constitution fully acknowledges the imperfection of humankind and seeks to offset its worst weaknesses while socialism deifies humanity and seeks to peremptorily imprison everyone. Everyone, that is, but the elite and its minions.

    • Te left are the walking dead.

    • BillyHW

      The only thing that truly matters to the progressives is their sodomy.

    • Clausewitz

      He was a conservative, but he did something no leftist juror will ever do, he ruled and interpreted by the letter of the law, not by party dialect. So who’s the ISIS inspired Jihadi that Obama will put forward in order to destroy the Supreme Court for the next 25 years?

  • BillyHW

    We are doomed.

  • I believe in angels.

  • Chatillon

    God rest his soul. Justice Scalia will be missed.

    Who will replace him? An expert in shariah law?

  • Richard_Romano

    A true moral giant. May he rest peacefully in his reward. God bless his memory.