Islam: At war with the world (and itself)

The most significant undeclared war of our time — a war with Islam — began November 4, 1979, the day Iran took US citizens hostage in Tehran and held 52 of them against their will for 444 days. While 9/11 was the worst single event by far, it wasn’t the beginning.

Some may suggest there is no such war. Others claim it is the West that has declared war on Islam. Neither statement is correct. The fact is that Islam has declared war. War on democracy, the West, the US, Jews, Christians and all “infidels,” which includes other Muslims. We are in perilous times. The very fabric of the free world is under attack. Unless democratic nations, especially the US, acknowledge this and take steps to combat the threat, it’s possible Islam will eventually engulf everyone and everything.

  • BillyHW

    So do you think now that Antonin Scalia is part of the Force that he’s more powerful than ever and is going save America’s courts from the other side?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Benn Swann is reporting that the owner of the lodge found the dead jusge “with a pillow over his head” Hmmm…

  • south asian

    The US sent USS Enterprise to threaten India which was defending Bangladeshis being massacred by Pakistan Islamist extremists in 1970:

    Reagan should have joined the USSR in wiping out Afghani extremists instead of arming the Mujjhahideen. Big mistake, again!

    No the current Islamic extremist war began with the 1921 Moplah Malabar massacres of innocent non-Muslims, which was a reaction to Ataturk removing the Khalifate, or Khilafat.

    US support of Pakistan and Islamists was always a colossal blunder. Some would say the US deserved to be bitten after making friends with snakes. Now you know why people were anti-Muslim, too late, always the last to know. Bumbling superpower. Now you support the Saudis?

  • Barrington Minge

    “Islam”. The “religion” of peace.
    There’s a piece of you here, another piece of you over there….
    Wake up civilised world. Time to send “Islam” and all its followers back where they came from…

    • Annettetsmith

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    • Siddi Nasrani

      Could not agree more Barrrington Minge, To add to your bits & pieces.

      ” Know Islam, NO Peace” “No Islam, Know Peace”
      The Genie came out of the bottle in 570 AD

      • Barrington Minge


  • Tokenn

    A nice summation… It’s good to see a mention of the sectarian nature of the Islamic world…something that doesn’t get emphasized much. Given the plethora of Hadiths and the contradictory statements in the Koran, it’s inevitable that there would be a constant cycle of doctrinal disagreements and splits within the religion. Add to this the injunctions against ‘innovation’ and the calls for the death of heretics, it is automatic there will always be factional/sectarian violence within Dar al Islam. The whole ‘Religion of Peace’ phony meme is a ‘Big Lie’…even if Islam did conquer the world, there would be perpetual strife within it.