Denmark separates pedophile #Rapefugees from their child brides in asylum centres

Denmark separates underage spouses in asylum centres

In a press release, Integration Minister Inger Støjberg said that future arriving couples in which at least one of the people involved is under 18 will not be allowed to live together in Denmark. Likewise, underage married asylum seekers already in the country will be separated.

“It is completely unacceptable that there are currently minors within the Danish asylum system living with their spouses or partners and I have asked the Danish Immigration Service to immediately put a stop to it,” Støjberg said.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Today’s Valentine Message…

  • Brenda

    Wonder if the Netherlands are going to start doing the same?

  • Mannie

    Sounds like the Danes are getting fed up. It’s about time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    so forcible rape in the streets it is then.

  • Caution: leftist brains in spasm. Their multi-culti dreams are being questioned.

    • Gary

      Justin will actually embrace the pedophilia among the 40,000 more islamists to come in .
      Liberals now want to get rid of the English and French standards to take the citizenship tests . He said that Canada doesn’t have any Core-Identity and we should take in anyone and not deny a person based on their native language that isn’t English or French.

      My guess is that he wants pro-ISIS Liberal M.P.’s in his Cabinet for the islamists votes now that the muslim population has out numbered the Jews and Aboriginal. Next he’ll get rid of the Rule that Cabinet MP’s and Federal Judges must be bilingual.

      • Frances

        Bilingualism will still be a requirement; just any two languages that exclude Western Canadians.

  • marty_p

    If you are a Mo with multiple wives you get extra special apartments in TCHC designed to accommodate extra large families. TCHC pretend wife #2 is a sister or spinster aunt of wife #1 who just happens to want to live in the same apartment as wife #1. I have no doubt that Mo’s are sneaking in under age wives as sisters or dependents.

  • BillyHW