Austria threatens to send in troops to stop asylum-seekers

Austria has threatened to send troops to the Balkans to stop asylum-seekers as countries across Europe turn on Angela Merkel over her “open-door” refugee policy.

Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian foreign minister, said yesterday (SAT) his country could not take any more migrants and was prepared to send soldiers to help close the Macedonian border.

The warning came as John Kerry, the US Secretary of State described the refugee crisis as a “near existential threat to Europe”.

  • This “immigrant/migration” madness will result in mass civil unrest in Western Europe. The first signs of are already happening.

    The leftist idiots have allowed their Utopian dreams to override reality. Like lemmings on the way to the cliff, they continue with their folly.

    The growing awareness that this problem cannot be sustained without societal collapse is happening. Expect civil unrest soon.

  • ntt1

    Part of the reason Calais residents are so angered by the migrants is constant confrontations with crowds lead by british anarchists. This is the base of the problem
    Some method must be found to neutralize the leftists and anarchists from stirring up trouble , it might be a good idea to make this crackdown as wide reaching as possible.including Canada’s curse the black block.

    • Yes. The leftist fifth column is the prime problem. That is not only the no-border anarchists and black block types – it is the MSM and the leftist EU and national politicians. They are sending Europe into sure disaster.

      • The tighter the lid on a pressure cooker the bigger the explosion when it happens.

        The leftist fifth column and the media act as big lids on the human pressure cooker.

        But this will blow. And when it does, it will be bigger because of these leftist fools.

    • felis gracilis

      Then where is the French Army? Whether British anarchists or illegal migrants why are they not treated like the invaders they are? What would Napoleon do? Hell, what would De Gaulle do?

      • ntt1

        Maybe it is time for declaring a state of emergency perhaps martial law and start sniping the anarchists as they stir the pot.

        • felis gracilis

          France is already under a declared state of emergency as a result of the November 13 terrorist massacres. Incredibly, that state of emergency is being used as a pretext to arrest French patriots rather than the terrorist and anarchist scum that they should be arresting.

  • +”The United States understands the near existential nature of this threat to the politics and fabric of life in Europe.” Mr Kerry praised Mrs Merkel for her “great courage in helping so many who need so much” with her decision to throw Germany’s borders open to asylum-seekers.+

    Contradiction. Kerry has got to be the biggest moron on this planet today. Merkel is a close second.

  • Turkey has everything to gain from flooding Europe with Muslim “refugees” – this will speed up the conquest of Europe that is its ambition since the Turks conquered Anatolia and Constantinople from Byzantium. Merkel’s proposed deal with Erdogan is effectively surrender without a fight. The Eastern European states (Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, etc.) all clearly understand the stakes. The European Union (not only Schengen) must be abolished if Europe is to survive. It has placed power of life and death in the hands of a few crazy leftist bureaucrats. It is a failed experiment. Turkey must be expelled from Nato and declared an enemy of the West. Allow Russia to squash Turkey.

    • canminuteman

      Turkey has never been a reliable ally. NATO used to (and probably still does) stockpile ammunition in Turkey, and we had to send inspectors over on a regular basis to make sure it was still there because they tended to use it to fight the Kurds.

    • John

      Turkey’s entry into the EU would spell the end of Europe. There’s no doubt about it

  • John

    May we assume that Foreign Minister Kurz woke up yesterday morning only to discover 15 ‘refugees’ cooking breakfast in his kitchen?

    And complaining about the quality of the food?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The entire Austrian Army is 26,000 people including 12,000 conscripts. Conscription is only for 6 months. Plus another 27,000 reservists who no longer have reserve training.

    • tom_billesley

      Austria has reported an increase in the number of conscripts volunteering to extend their stay in the army for a tour of duty at the southern border on the main route for migrants traveling from Turkey into the heart of Europe.

      Austria, at the center of Europe’s biggest migration crisis since World War Two, has deployed soldiers to help police deal with the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have streamed onto its soil since September.

      “In one company (of 200)…74 recruits voluntarily registered to go to the border immediately after their six months of military service,” a Defence Ministry spokesman said.

  • David

    Mr Kerry praised Mrs Merkel for her “great courage in helping so many who need so much” with her decision to throw Germany’s borders open to asylum-seekers.

    Apparently ketchup kerry sees the “existential threat” as the reluctance of all eu countries to commit suicide a la deutschland.