Overnight thread…

  • BillyHW

    Independent bites the dust.


    How much longer for the NY Times?

    • Well it is going digital, so its not entirely dead!

  • ontario john

    So what is the news this Saturday morning you may ask? Well, in case you haven’t heard, Prince Trudeau celebrated his 100 days in power but spending more money. Two hundred million dollars from the magical money tree for youth. And the media elites ramp up their coverage of Syrian refugees. The Star has major stories on the various Mohammads entering the country, including a large family who’s father can’t work because of injuries. They praise the idea of all that free health care for him and the rest of them. Tony Burman at the Star praises Trudeau and rants about how we like to bomb Arabs. Harper is evil. Heather Mallick loves Trudeau because he allows women to wear bags over their heads. She also rants about Harper spending too much money on cranky old people. Apparently she believes old people hog all the health care money, the bastards. And Harper is evil. And the CBC reports that Trudeau thinks our current G.G. is too white. He states the next G.G. must reflect the diversity of Canada. I guess the next G.G. will be a black, lesbian, from an indian reserve, who has converted to islam.

  • Dana Garcia

    Big wave surf contest at Mavericks south of San Francisco on Friday.


  • ontario john

    That is ISLAMOPHOBIC to mention Valentine’s Day. I am reporting you to the Liberal Party, the mosque in Peterborough, and the Toronto Star.

  • Xavier

    Fox is running an article titled “Sources: FBI investigating Ohio machete attack as possible lone wolf terror act”

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