Liberals on par to miss refugee target. Again.

The Liberals are currently on par to miss their Syrian refugee intake target — yet again.

If they do, this will create even deeper doubts about the government’s ability to effectively manage important files.

“Canada wants to help. Everyone’s in agreement with that,” Michelle Rempel, the Conservative immigration and refugee critic and Calgary Nose Hill MP, said via telephone. “But we need to make sure we have a framework in place where the government is going to see a successful outcome. Refugees are people, they’re not numbers on a score card.”


No Ms. Rempel, not “everyone” wants to help create a new “cohort” of Canadian passport holders who will head back to Syria the minute they can yet as with the infamous “Lebanese” demand all the benefits of Canadian citizenship.

Hell they’ve already started to complain.

  • ontario john

    Yes, as soon as the current war there winds down, some will move back to whatever fascist islamic state takes its place. And then when old uncle mohammad gets sick they will send him Canada on his Canadian passport for free medical care. Praise Allah and the Liberal Party.

    • That is exactly what will happen, like most of the Tamil Refugees have gone back on vacation etc etc etc.

      • BillyHW

        Remember when they found a hundred thousand “Canadians” in Lebanon that needed rescuing?

  • Liberal Progressive

    If we can’t get enough from Syria we should be correcting the shortfall with immigrants from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somali, Mali and Congo.

    • BillyHW

      They will contribute so much to our diverse multicultural mosaic.

      • Surele Surele

        I think (hope) Lib.Prog. is just being sarcastic.

    • k1962

      Oh yeah and why limit the numbers? Ruin the country, why not?

      • Think of the cab rides!

        • andycanuck

          And halal restaurants!

          • Reader

            And future Liberal voters!

          • Surele Surele

            forget any ‘humanitarian’ aspect of the whole thing. it doesn’t exist. this is the only motive to bring them over; future votes.

          • dukestreet

            There will be no where left for me to eat out.

            As I said before,If they want to go home great. Just take their valuables to pay for their expenses. Then they will be sure to tell the rapefugees still over there, not to come here. It will cost them too much.

  • simus1

    Michelle Rempel seems to be another example of a low energy “go along
    to get along,” red tory squish playing placeholder until a fellow squish has
    all of its ducks lined up to win the leadership contest.

    Shades of pope evita.

    • We need a new party.

      • simus1

        With a ban on Joe Clark clones ever being accepted. or acceptable.

    • H

      What I wonder is how long have most “Conservatives” been so mushy and liberal in their opinions and policies. I’m thinking 8 years ago they weren’t but with all that time in power …. They became complacent and slid left (toward what they perceived was the popular – progressive – direction). At present anyway, they don’t much resemble an actual conservative party; perhaps a few years in the political wilderness will help .

      • simus1

        Politics in Alberta pre Nutley going back to at least the 1960s always seemed to have a one huge ruling party “big tent, strange bedfellows” American style sort of cast to it. A workable sort of system provided no one gets too greedy or is a huge hypocrite like Redford and her ilk who came along later.

  • reidjr

    JT has said the next gg will rep our diverse country that is code for muslim.

    • I saw that, what a disgusting little piece of shit he is.

      • reidjr

        The big question is what else does he have coming.

        • simus1

          A freely elected president as our head of state would be a nice way to get shed of the gg position but we can be sure that Shiny Pony has no intention of ever allowing some deserving accomplished Canadian to ever put his own zero accomplishment self in the shade.

          • andycanuck

            The republicans failed in Australia because the libertarians wanted a directly-elected-pretend-GG and the leftists wanted the PM to appoint the pretend-GG, so the status quo/monarchist side won. (Just for information; I’m not turning the thread into a monarchy/republicanism debate.)

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Better not.
      And I mean that.

    • Bobd06

      As long as they did a stint at the CBC.

  • Blind Druid

    “Oh! Here comes another plane load – Quick Sophie, get the kids back past security into the Sussex Mansion before the caviar gets warm and the champagne goes flat. I will go back on T.V. tomorrow to talk to the sheeple plebs again about how this is a good idea.”

  • Brenda

    What I find interesting about all this target-missing is that it’s an implicit admission that not all immigration is desirable. It looks as if Canada is trolling the refugee camps in Jordan for quality immigrants and finding either people who don’t want to come or who are illiterate goatherds. But for some reason, nobody wants to admit this and say, ‘you know what? We only want people who will be an asset to Canada’ No, everything has to be couched in language of wanting to help the poor and the persecuted.

    • Which is exactly what Germany hoped to do. They wanted to sift out the good ones and send the rest on to other EU states.

      Nice of Merkel wasn’t it?

      • Brenda

        If that is what they hoped to do, they sure went about it the stupidest possible way. First you let them in, then you vet them? At least Canada interviews them in their refugee camps in Jordan and only then lets them in.
        That’s why Germany now has millions of new rapists while Canada is whining about missing targets.

    • Surele Surele

      What a difference in mere 30 years. When we came to Canada, we had to show that we will be an asset and collect points: for being professionals, young, speaking at least one of the official languages. Still, it took over 4 months to vet us.

  • lgeubank

    Refugees are people, but they’re not refugees. They’re mostly feral youths from an alien culture and an alien religion, who hate Western values and religion and would never make good citizens under the best of circumstances.

    So why should the U.S. or Canada import thousands of Morlocks to prey on the citizenry? Just so the smart-aleck politicians can strike a holier-than-thou pose?

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Bobd06

    Good. The last we need more of in this country are more Muslims.
    Their track record in other countries where there percentages rise speaks for itself.
    Islam is not compatible with Western culture, PERIOD. They say so themselves. They are demanding alcohol be banned in Germany for Oktoberfest, really. Do we really need immigrants telling us how to live? If we have unfettered Muslim immigration, they will be.

  • ontario john

    And Trudeau’s best buddy Wynne is in trouble again. The National Post website has a major story on how taxpayers could be on the hook for 475 million dollars regarding an offshore wind energy scam that has gone sour.

  • Allan

    Good. I hope they miss their “target” by a hell of a wide margin. We’ve already let enough leeches enter.