Ghomeshi Trial.. And Tribulations

A brief round up of things Ghomeshi. I’ve been busy with work the last couple of days and am just catching up myself. As an aside people have been asking why I have accompanied each Ghomeshi post with a Sailor Moon pic. Frankly it’s because it struck me that this entire fiasco was rushed to trial on a wave of feminist group think that has turned our legal system into a cartoonish mockery of justice. The women were genuinely lead to believe that their accusations against Ghomeshi would be the only thing on trial and not their own actions as revealed in a series of embarrassing omissions . Like a Sailor Moon plot good would triumph over evil simply becuz girls.

I believe they were assaulted. I also believe Ghomeshi will walk.

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Sailor Moon was just a cartoon after all.


The defence’s dramatic, deft close

Those who braved Thursday’s bitter cold to line up for closing arguments in R. v. Ghomeshi were rewarded with a spectacle of legal footwork by the defence team so deft some of it was destined to have gone unnoticed. In her submission to Ontario Court Justice William Horkins, Marie Henein made it clear Jian Ghomeshi was not the only one on trial. No. So were the three complainants, as the defence made clear in its 92-minute final submission. Even more, the Canadian judicial system itself was being assessed, which meant any verdict the judge rendered would have profound systemic implications: “High-profile trials by their nature attract strong public emotions,” Henein said, reading from a Supreme Court of Canada decision. “It is especially in high-profile cases where the justice system will be on display. The counsel must do their utmost to ensure that the outcomes of these cases are built on facts and not on emotions.”

Why watching the Ghomeshi trial might actually embolden victims to come forward

“Is it possible, Ms. DeCoutere,” Heinen continued a few minutes later, “that you just seem to forget the stuff that just shows you’ve been lying?”

DeCoutere replied that she was under the impression that “brevity” and “succinctness” were critical to her initial police interviews, and that she thought the Crown would follow up with further investigation. Her knowledge of the workings of the legal system, she said, was limited to just what she had seen on American TV.

For what it’s worth, I believe them: DiManno

The trial of Jian Ghomeshi unfolded the way it did because the complainants were swaddled in fuzzy investigative treatment.

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