Army probe amid shock claims of migrant attacks on UK troops and families in Germany

THE British Army is investigating claims UK troops and their family members are being attacked by migrants in Germany after a spate of recent incidents.

  • tom_billesley

    Invaders have been housed in some decommissioned BAOR barracks. I guess they want the rest.

  • liamjq

    is this meant to be a surprise…the country that employed you does not give a sh”t about you..they are shipping in the people you were hunting faster than than you can say allah akbar if you’re not angry and depressed your’re fucking thick!

  • BradThomas

    They continually probe Western nations’ will to resist and what they are discovering is that the West in general is weak and ripe for takeover. Consequently, they attack.

  • That’s what invaders are supposed to do – attack. Only utter morons would be surprised.