12 rapists, a 13-yr-old victim & a terrifying truth the UK won’t face: The disturbing full story behind the gangs of Pakistani men who target white girls in our ‘least integrated town’

One of the most familiar buildings in Keighley — an old mill town in the heart of Bronte country in West Yorkshire — is the former police station, with its underground car park, on Devonshire Street.

The ‘cop shop car park’ — as it is still known today — is the unofficial divide between Keighley’s two Asian areas: Highfield, which lies on a hill rising from the centre of Keighley up towards the moors, and, at the opposite end, Dalton Lane and Lawkholme.

Young Asians from these neighbourhoods refer to themselves as ‘Top Enders’ and ‘Bottom Enders’ respectively. Rivalries between them, fuelled by the drugs trade, have sometimes spilled over into violence.

  • Exile1981

    Or the fact that the police gave several of the rapists permission to travel to countries without extradition treaties while they were out on bail awaiting trial.

    • So many should be in jail.

      • Exile1981

        Yes, who ever gave them permission to go to those specific countries should be charged as well.

  • canminuteman

    “Integrating” with these savages is supposed to be a good thing? No thanks. I am happy to hear that there is no “integration”