The case for Cruz


Ted Cruz and Pamela Geller

Is he better on Islam than Trump is? (By the way, do you agree with the author that civil war is inevitable in Europe?)

Bonus Cruz news: Ann Coulter argues that the point is moot because he’s not a natural born citizen.


  • Gary

    Breitbart News showed how Cruz is an open borders tool of Wall Street as he pushed for massive increases in legal immigration. Screw Cruz

    • Ron MacDonald

      I wouldn’t being able to retire in the southern US.

      • David

        San Diego looks good to me.

        • Ron MacDonald

          I spent lots of time in San Diego when I was in the navy, I prefer South Carolina.

    • What’s the problem with LEGAL immigration from Latin America? Absolutely nothing — that’s why it’s legal. The problem was supposed to be ILLEGAL immigration. And immigrants from supremacist cultures such as Islamism who might never peacefully adapt to the West.

      Whatever your position on Cruz’s or Rubio’s policies, there can be no finer examples of Latin Americans who have thoroughly adapted to the U.S. My point is, why is this debate conflating LEGAL immigrants with ILLEGAL immigrants, and a terrorist supremacist culture with a culture that adapts to Western freedom quite well and is likewise essentially Christian and democratic? The American system of Government is studied and appreciated throughout Latin America. Some of the greatest Latin American writers — such as the Cuban liberator Jose Marti — had a tremendous appreciation for the United States. I would go as far as to say that the American Revolution probably inspired many Latin American countries to break the chains of Spanish colonialism in the same way that the U.S. broke the chains of English colonialism.

      • infedel

        Not true…central and south americans come to the States with a supremicist attitude like islam (ha,,,such supreme cultures then why are they here) they come to rape our tolerance and treasures and send our tax money given to them back to their failing states…they refuse to assimilate orlearnthelanguage of their hosts and use the fake racist/islamiphobe/…phobe what ever name calling. They bring third world savagery and are a complete drain on all of our First world institutions and peaceful way of life …if their cultures were so great they would stay there.

        • Mexican Americans were in the States before Anglo-Europeans were. Much of the territory comprising the States of California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were States of Mexico, before they became States of the U.S. after the Mexican-American war.

          • bob e

            they were here alright except they called them bandits & we went to war aginst them paid $40
            bill for the land & that’s the end of story. they
            are just like they have always been since the beginning.
            theives , smugglers, rapist BANDIDOS ..

          • So you admit you lied. I accept your apology.

          • bob e

            you need to re-train yourself on the toilet .. stop sticking yo’ fingers in your mouth ..
            that’s just for illegal people who work in chipolte .. and other fine latino eateries.

          • infedel

            No. And we should have let the French take over mexico…….European Spanish ruled mexico…no….and they were more brutal than the northern Europeans in north America

      • bob e

        how many LEGAL immigrants can you find here from
        S America FFS ?? nada too many eh senior ??
        florida it’s not a place with sanctuary cities .. it’s a sanctuary state !! ..

    • DMB
  • luna

    “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews,” he said. “Then I will not stand with you. Good night, and God bless.” And with that, he walked off the stage.

  • mauser 98

    ….lawsuits , court challenges underway

    “if you were born an American citizen via your American born mother
    than you were also born a Cuban citizen via your Cuban born father.”

    ….and Rubio

    Sign the Petition: “Cuban Citizen at Birth” Marco Rubio is NOT Constitutionally Eligible to be President or VP

    • Actually Marco Rubio was born in the U.S. (Florida). He’s a “natural born” citizen by strict definition of the Constitution. His parents emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba in the 1950’s, before Castro was even on the scene and there were special exemptions for Cuban immigrants. Zero legal basis for questioning his eligibility. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a different story. Kerchner (sounds German to me!) is full of b.s. in his article.

      • mauser 98

        Rubio is an anchor baby
        from what i have read 2 US citizen parents at time of birth on US soil required for one to be “natural born”
        yes ,, many dispute this , some say one parent.. Cruz pushes this to far Kerchner, others say . one parent who may have held Canadian citizen status (?) and birth on foreign soil.
        what if Ms. Cruz gave birth in Kenya?

        holding dual citizenship would also disqualify one from being eligible.
        Barry’s records are sealed or destroyed
        neither Democrat or Republicans want to get into this because they are all lying
        ….a German sounding name precludes one from being knowledgeable of this subject?
        far from it Kerchner is not full of BS .. read his articles

        • Except that your ancestors were also “anchor babies” at one time too! Wherever your ancestors happened to come from, the first generation of natural born “Mausers” were anchor babies — it couldn’t happen any other way.

          As far as having dual citizenship by virtue of your parentage, that’s not a big problem — just renounce your second citizenship. (Btw, did anyone notice that Tom Mulcair did not renounce his second French citizenship when he ran for PM, as he promised to? He lied.).

          • mauser 98

            Rubio’s parents were not US citizens at time of his birth ..hence..Marco is not a “natural born citizen”,, ineligible.
            neither Bobby Jindal
            Cruz’s father a Cuban citizen
            Obama’s father was never a US citizen.. in fact he was kicked out of the US.

            holding dual citizenship questions ones loyalty ,allegiance according to US .Constitution , Founding Fathers.
            .renouncing it later don’t work… too late
            Mucliar?? Canadian rules different … a donkey with a Liberal flag glued to its ass would win an election

          • So if Rubio is not a “natural born” citizen of the U.S., and he is definitely not a natural born citizen of Cuba, then where is he a natural born citizen of? The argument is ridiculous — it effectively renders the man Stateless. Rubio certainly couldn’t run for President of Cuba (even if Cuba had free democratic elections).

            Cruz is a different ballgame — the fact is he wasn’t born in the U.S., hence not “natural born”. Even if both his parents would have been born in the U.S. he still would not be natural born according to the strict interpretation of the original Constitution.

            I think Cruz should run for Canadian PM! He has more brains and guts than a dozen of our best conservative politicians put together. 🙂

          • mauser 98

            Rubio is an American citizen
            perhaps considered “naturalized”

            strict interpretation is the sticky part
            i like Cruz , i think he would be better than Trump (eeek..can i say that here?)

          • Not fair. I want Cruz for Canada. The Trumpster in the U.S. (Rubio maybe as running mate?), and Cruz for Canada!

            Plus “Go Jeb! go”. Not.

          • mauser 98
          • The blackmail possibility is real — if there is clear evidence. Actually the only thing that bothered me about the Bill Clinton sex scandal was about possible blackmail. Apart from that, I didn’t give a dam what the guy did with his dick.

          • mauser 98

            if so he is wide open.. maybe that is why establishment RINO’s want him..controlable

          • Minicapt

            Cruz is “natural-born”. People who believe otherwise should register as Democrats, and “Feel the Bern”.


        • luna

          I thought this too, but if you read the requirements, both Cruz and Obama can be eligible for U.S. citizenship from birth even with one parent as a citizen as long as that parent meets residency requirements prior to birth. The residency requirements are fairly easy to meet.

          • mauser 98
          • mauser 98

            “Assuming his Mom met all these tests as a
            US Citizen, Ted gained US citizenship at birth without any
            administrative procedure. He is a naturalized citizen. Therefore
            his 1974 return to the US may not have been illegal. Formalizing
            his status as a US citizen could later be done under INA procedures
            to support his obtaining a social security number, passport,
            drivers license, or draft registration. ”
            “He is not a natural born citizen, but a citizen naturalized under the INA 1952 and is not eligible for the Presidency. ”

          • Minicapt

            What’s supposed to happen is that, following his birth, Mother Cruz visits the US consulate in Calgary to apply for the American version of a “Certificate of Birth Abroad”. This would put him on the books as an American born in a foreign country.


        • Minicapt

          “… 2 US citizen parents at time of birth on US soil …”
          No, and you should stop repeating such falsehoods. Because, under that ‘rule’, DonJohn fails to qualify.
          By the way, he did not have ‘American’ grandparents.


          • mauser 98

            … grandparents don’t matter

            Ted Cruz is only considered a US Citizen “at birth” today by US naturalization law.
            Ted Cruz is naturalized, not natural born, and not eligible.

            Marco Rubio is only considered a US Citizen “at birth” today by US naturalization law.
            Marco Rubio is naturalized, not natural born, and not eligible
            …no lies required

          • Minicapt



          • mauser 98


            “Whereas, per the preeminent legal treatise much read by the
            founders and framers, the “Principles of Natural Law” by Emer de Vattel
            (1758/1775/1797) and the colonial common law familiar to the founders
            and framers, they and the people of the founding and framing era understood
            that a “natural born Citizen” was a person born in the country to
            parents who were BOTH Citizens (born or naturalized Citizens as long as
            they are both Citizens) of the country when their child was born in the
            country, and that term was chosen as a future national security
            clause as a “strong check” against “foreign influence” by or at birth on
            the person who would be eligible to be President and Commander in Chief
            of our military forces once the founding generation had passed”

            …ein prosit

          • Minicapt

            Have a good day.


          • mauser 98

            “Hence, that person, like Barack Obama, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal,
            being neither “a natural born Citizen, [n]or a Citizen of the United
            States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, is
            disqualified by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 from being President
            and Commander in Chief of the Military.”


      • lolwut?
        • DMB

          I think his divorce from his now former wife Maria Shriver put an end to that since she is very well politically connected since she is part of the Kennedy family.

          • lolwut?

            Arnold isn’t legally eligible to be President.

            That’s the joke

          • DMB

            True. That wouldn’t stop him from trying to change the law to allow him to be eligible.

      • bob e

        i’m gonna wait till one of ‘El Chapos’ anchor babies
        grows up & vote for him for presidente .. eh ??
        bueno … viva presidente El Chappo !!

  • 2maxpower
    • Brett_McS

      You may want to diversify your news sources.

      • 2maxpower

        these people share a site only. they are very diverse and do not necessarily agree with each other.

        these back up my argument, Cruz is a fraud. he knows he is constitutionally not allowed to be president, that alone puts him in the dishonest category.

        it is only one of many blogs I follow and I don’t plan to spend a lot of time on it since most people aren’t that open minded that they will change an opinion on my account.

        • Minicapt

          Being open minded is fine if you take care; but bending over to let your mind fall out and bounce across the pavement is not recommended.


  • H

    That Trump comment about Pamela Geller and her Garland free speech event is rather disturbing. I also seem to remember that he has indicated support for Michael Mann in Mann’s lawsuit against Mark Steyn, a suit which is about free speech, and the stifling of it, as much as anything. (Steyn had a post on this but I couldn’t track it down: too lazy to look hard, and it’s time for lunch 😉

  • Ron MacDonald

    The US is so divided it could happen there as well.

  • Xavier

    Ann’s been right on target the last few elections so I guess that’s that.


  • Xavier

    I don’t like Trump I don’t like Cruz I don’t like Rubio.
    And believe me, my standards aren’t that high.

    • Brett_McS

      Jeb! supporter? I knew there had to be one somewhere.

      • Xavier

        Very funny.

      • Jeb! Don’t laugh. I hear he’s letting Dubya junior out of the attic and dusting off the corpse of grandma Barbara for South Carolina. Man, and with the charismatic personality of Jeb! he’ll get that place hoppin’ — the rest of the States will fall like dominoes at his feet.

  • Martin B

    Civil war in Europe inevitable? A year or two ago, I would have said no, not completely inevitable, there was still a chance for Europe to come to its sensesand sort things out. But now, thanks to Merkel the Madwoman and the flood of millions of unassimilable Mohammedans on top of all those who were already there, I believe the only alternative to civil war is for Europe to give up and surrender to the eternal dark night of Islam.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I will still vote for whoever the Republicans nominate against Hillary or Bernie.

    • David

      The least worst seems to be the best we can hope for in the 21st century.

  • Spatchcocked

    Och…Dinna fash yer selves….we’ve always got thru by the skin of our teeth..
    As for the candidates? I wanna go down swinging so as long as it’s someone who’ll cry havoc I’m happy.
    We need a good purge of our essence….our vital bodily juices are beggin us to buckle and arm…..
    Let’s go at it every way we can with these animals who dare threaten us….I’m tired of taking it.
    On to victory lads…..they started it and by God and Santiago well finish it….
    It sure would be cool to work hand in mailed fist with Vlad.

  • Shebel

    If there is NO civil war in Europe then it will mean that Islam has won.

    WE will be the people living in ghettoised enclaves.

  • Ho Hum

    If it weren’t for Trump – Cruz wouldn’t even be talking about the problem with Muslim’s. Only Trump had the GUTS to bring up a subject everyone else is afraid to talk about. Cruz is a lying cheat who will say and do anything to get elected

  • bob e

    she don’t like the donald. cruz is gonna be like turning over a rock.
    U see all the things crawlin’ in the darkness underneath it ..
    he needs to go away, along with his strange brother coobano
    anchor baby-bee marrrko ..