My Open Letter to Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson re ‘Hijab Day’

The Honorable Mayor, Jim Watson,

I hope you will take the time to listen to my concerns about “Ottawa Hijab Day” scheduled in Ottawa, Feb 25th, 2016 and that you will give serious consideration to my request outlined below.

I am someone who believes in information and education. What reasonable person could possibly object to an event which promotes “education, acceptance and tolerance”? Unless, of course, the “education” was disinformation; the “acceptance” was acceptance of a superordinate (according to Islamists) legal system (i.e. Sharia Law) that is contrary to our democratic values and human rights; the “tolerance” was tolerance of an extremist ideology that condones honour killings, FGM and treatment of women that is incompatible with Canadian values.

  • BradThomas

    I like how he even writes a nice opt-out speech that the mayor’s staff could give to counter the inevitable “islamophobia” charges which would result from the city not supporting hijab day. The letter will have no effect, of course, but good for him and his organization for trying at least.

  • ontario john

    This event is a prelude to the first annual “Beat Up A Jew Festival” in Ottawa. Its a Liberal government financed event to make Syrian refugees feel more at home here.

  • reidjr

    Ottawa has a mission to be the most muslim friendly city in Canada while i like this letter it won’t make any difference there could be a million man march and they would all be called racist.