Islam invented Women’s rights you know

  • B@$#@rd.

    Let him try that with a chick who fights back.

    Ladies and gentlemen, @$$-kicking time:

  • Ed

    Ignore yer lyin eyes. It’s white men that are the problem.

  • DMB

    Islam also invented racial equality! Oh wait no it didn’t in fact the opposite is true.
    Take this verse in the Quran which is a Hadith. Blacks can never be true Muslims…that you are destined, because you are black, to go to hell, and that allah designed and created you black for no other purpose than to thrust you into hell with all of the other black people on the earth:
    Mishkat Al-Massabih by Al Tabrizi Volume 1
    Dar El Arkham Bin El Arkham page 40 Hadith 119 Arabic Edition.

  • ontario john

    But Heather Mallick in the Saturday Star thinks its a great victory for women’s rights to wear a bag over their heads in Canada. Its that evil Hitler Harper that was against women’s rights by opposing the right to wear a bag over your head. How can Heather be wrong?

  • Arabs/Muslims are savages – all evidence shows.