Chelsea Clinton says she left the Baptist Church over her principled support for abortion rights. At age 6.

Hillary Clinton delivers remarks on Syria.

Oh, and Hillary is “very deeply a person of faith”. Sounds legit.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When you spend your entire life lying about everything you can, you never learn when you should stop lying, or that there is even a limit.

    • David Murrell

      Must say that a woman who claims she left church at the age of 6, over a political issue, is telling a nose stretcher

      • Six year old, prepubescent girls, do not worry about “abortion rights”.

        Sounds to me like Bill and Hillary brainwashed Chelsea.

        • andycanuck

          And brainwashing is the best spin to put on it, Bob, contrasted with Chelsea simply lying about this.

  • Ken

    What. The. F***! I realized I was a conservative at age 10 when I heard a radio interview with Abbie Hoffman. Even as a child I knew this man was full of shit.

  • BillyHW

    Can’t wait for the presidential debate moderators to ask Hillary if she’s ever had an abortion.

    • Al_the_Fish

      Why would one of her tongue bathers ask her that? The debates will be just as rigged as they were in 2012. Candy Crawley attacking Romney and covering Obama’s ass will be the norm this year.

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    It’s more probable she quit the church because she caught Daddy banging her Sunday School teacher…

  • V10_Rob

    Any kind of ‘political stance’ or ‘protest’ made before your teens almost certainly involves your parents or other influential adults in your life using you as a puppet (eg. teachers dragging their students to their picket line).

  • mauser 98

    Secret Service Dan Bongino
    ” She is an embarrassment to our country and I’ll never forgive myself for
    allowing her to stain my soul. I wish I had never met her. ”

  • Xavier

    Chelsea got the lying gene from both parents.

  • Only one question for Chelsea: Is she happy that her mother Hillary did not exercise her “right” to abort Chelsea, or would she have preferred that her mother would have exercised that “right” and Chelsea would not have survived to express her opinion? After all, “hindsight is 20/20” as the saying goes.

  • H

    I don’t know about Chelsea Clinton but it’s fairly evident that her mother has always worshipped at the Church of Hillary, regardless of where she physically turned up.

    Slightly off topic, Mark Steyn included a couple of unflattering paragraphs on the magical Clinton family in his review of the NH primary. (“Unlike his leaden, charmless wife and daughter, Bill is still supposed to have the magic touch.” )

  • Ron MacDonald

    She just like her mother a cumpulsive liar, how many six year old children understand the concept of birth and abortion?

  • Spatchcocked

    I liked Steyns description of pekid anorexic Bills appearance for Hillary….the “terminally fellated” ex President.
    Yup….that’ll wear you out. Faulkner wrote a great short story regarding the results of overindulgence in Cupids gymnasium.

  • Ed

    Naked ambition is carefully cloaked in successful politicians…

  • ontario john

    The Methodist Church is the American version of the United Church in Canada. Indeed they have close ties. Both are Christian churches in name only. Both are controlled by leftists that are only interested in socialist agendas, like gay rights, environmental scams, whiny indians and abortion. And they both are anti Israel. The only good thing, is both churches are self destructing as membership is in a free fall.

  • Ron MacDonald