Report: Criminologists, Economists Find Benefits to Gun Ownership

This past December marked three years since the massacre at Sandy Hook. Commemorating the anniversary, President Obama took to Facebook to pen a post that wondered how we as a nation explain congressional inaction on gun control to the victims’ families. This type of rhetoric has been a common refrain from the president in the wake of other mass shootings since Newtown and the near-daily shootings in cities like Chicago. But despite attempts by President Obama, congressional Democrats, and the gun control lobby to push for stricter gun laws as the answer to gun violence, the nation remains divided on the issue.

  • simus1

    Chicago? Shootings? Emperor Barry?
    There are no shootings in Chicago.

  • Ed

    Yazidi women too!

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Where is Gomer Pyle when you need a soundbite?

  • P_F

    John R. Lott Jr. and Gary Mauser both fighting for gun rights is it coincidence or destiny?