A Free-Market Plan to Save the American West From Drought

On a brisk, cloudless day last january, Disque Deane Jr. stepped out of his SUV, kicked his cowboy boots in the dirt, and looked around. He had driven two hours from Reno on one of the loneliest stretches of interstate in the United States to visit the Diamond S Ranch, just outside the town of Winnemucca, Nevada. Before him, open fields stretched all the way to the Santa Rosa mountains, 30 miles away. But the land was barren. The fields had been chewed down to the roots by cattle, and the ranch’s equipment had been stripped for parts. A steel trestle bridge lay pitched into the Humboldt River.

  • Xavier

    “The West’s cities, meanwhile, are forecast to add at least another 10
    million residents over the next three decades. Where the water to serve
    those people will come from is anyone’s guess.”

    We have a flat growth rate; those 10 million must come from elsewhere.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Get rid of the illegals and you could remove 15 million users in short order.