UK: Met police may end policy of believing sexual abuse victims

A policy ordering detectives to automatically believe people who claim to have suffered rape or sexual abuse may be dropped, Britain’s top police officer has said, as he battles fierce criticism over his force’s investigations into high-profile figures.

  • BillyHW

    The #GhomeshiEffect.

  • kkruger71

    This may be a tipping point where feminists and muslims finally get forced to oppose one another. Can’t help but think this change in policy has less to do with these couple of celebrity cases and more to do with the marked increase in rapes by muslim immigrants across Europe, and the difficulty a “believe any allegation” policy creates while trying to maintain the facade that multiculturalism works.

    • Exile1981

      I was thinking the same thing. They are going to use this as a way to hide more muslim rapes.

  • Manny Rodriguez

    Soon, rapists and wife beaters will brandish signs saying “Je suis Jian”

  • Maggat

    Hobson’s Choise for both the victims and the police.

  • Mannie

    I guess rape is becoming a family value in Once Great Britain. But the country has always been a hotbed of rape and sexual abuse.