Muslim couple banned from America after treating two women as slaves

A COUPLE will be deported from America after being found guilty of keeping two women as “virtual slaves”.

A US judge ordered the Qatar military officer and his wife to be expelled immediately after he heard how the two servants were forced to live in squalor while they enjoyed the lap of luxury in their upscale San Antonio home.

Hassan al-Homoud, 46, who received military training at San Antonio’s Camp Bullis, and his wife, Zainab al-Hosani, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, pleaded guilty to federal charges in December.

  • BillyHW

    Slavery is a sacred part of Islam.

    • We should respect Islam as it is the religion of peace… and slavery and murder etc etc etc…

      • Katyn

        You’re close to sounding intolerant there. I’m feeling triggered.

    • AdamLucifer

      So, much like christianity then…

      • tom_billesley


        • David Murrell

          …as in William Wilberforce, the evangelical Christian who, as a Conservative MP, led the fight in Britain’s House of Commons against the slave trade in the 1820s. AdamLucifer has no comprehension that it was Christians at the forefront of the anti-slavery movement. He also has no comprehension of the slave trade in Muslim countries.

          • mauser 98

            most people on Earth have no comprehension that it was Christians at the forefront of the anti-slavery movement.

            …and The Ruling Class will keep it that way

          • Minicapt

            I think he was being sarcastic.


  • tom_billesley

    Couldn’t they have found him a training base in a more liberal and progressive part of the US such as Massachusetts where slavery would be better tolerated and accomodated as a cultural tradition.

  • Dana Garcia

    Whenever a slavery arrest pops up in an American headline, it’s always an immigrant holding one of his countrymen or -women in bondage.

    • AdamLucifer

      I think you’ll find more often than not it’s gross white US rednecks who kidnap women and chain them up as sex slaves. Often it’s their very own children they are abusing.

      • I notice you’re writing in from the U.K., which leads me to suspect that you’ve never met a “US redneck” in your life. Maybe you caught Deliverance once or something?

        Slavery has always been the norm in Muslim cultures. Do you deny this?

      • Clink9

        Maybe you need to calm down with a nice cup of tea.

      • Katyn

        Yes, it’s quite common in the American South to keep a couple or four people in chains in the farmhouse basement. They’re experts at incrementally sawing off limbs without killing the host. Then it’s dinner time. It’s true, all of it.

        • Katyn

          And then there’s the French Canadians. You don’t want to know.

          • Minicapt

            … frog legs, etc …


          • Katyn

            And beaver tails. 😉

        • AdamLucifer

          And juvenile sarcasm is your only response? Do you imagine that glib denials will be sufficient to dismiss this list of almost exclusively white christian perverts and nonces?

          • These are truly sad and shocking stories, Adam. And there are no doubt many more. But they are not particularly American, or even White. There must be thousands of such horrible cases worldwide. I remember as a student in Britain reading in the papers about an African family that had killed and cut up a young man they were subletting a room to (as I recall). They put his parts in jars, in the fridge, and were eating him over time, like some delicacy. Evil exists everywhere. Probably worst of all, I’d guess, in Muslim lands. It is just more documented than anywhere else in Western countries.

          • Katyn

            You can’t be serious.

      • Physics grad

        I think you’ll find more often than not that left wing trolls from the UK are also all pedophiles.

        • Katyn

          SJW’s. It’s really a thing if you may not know it. Read Vox Day at

          if you’re really interested.

          His “Social Justice Warriors Always Lie” is already a classic.

  • Ban all Muslims from America and the whole Western world, before they turn all of us into their slaves – or kill us or forcibly convert us or torture us or rape us. Don’t you know, folks, they are savages?

    • AdamLucifer

      Ban all Americans (US), that would solve half the world’s problems at a stroke.

      • I’ve never understood people like you. Do you know anything about the world? Anything about history? You think America is an evil country? Compared to what?

        Anyway, you’re a creep. Keep this up and I’ll ban you. You aren’t exactly contributing a lot.

        • AdamLucifer

          “I’ve never understood people like you”

          How crass. You know nothing about me, but clearly your own prejudices run deep enough that you are able to furnish a suitable “bad guy” persona to justify your ad hominems in place of cogent and reasoned argument.
          I must say it’s quite laughable hearing a Yank implying others don’t know “know anything about the world”, as you lot are notoriously insular and even your politicians have a grasp of International matters that is just embarrassing. But I guess that’s to be expected from a nation that elects actors for high office (and now you are even voting for clowns, as Trump’s candidacy shows!).
          As for your bizarre claim “You (i.e., I) think America is an evil country”. Do I indeed? How very gracious of you to inform me of my opinions…

          “Keep this up and I’ll ban you”

          ah, so now the threats come – disagree and get banned. Yes, that’s the kind of “freedom” that makes the USA the country it is today. What a contribution that would be…

          • Adam, your calling yourself Lucifer is in itself indicative or suggestive of some mental confusion or derangement, don’t you think? It seems to imply that you align yourself with evil forces. You cannot thereafter complain that your posts repel people and make them suspect you of the worst. If you love goodness, and are good, as you apparently claim, then call yourself something nicer, for a start.

          • AdamLucifer

            “You cannot thereafter complain that your posts repel people and make them suspect you of the worst”

            I can and do. It is you see, a test. The name has always appealed to me on no other grounds than aesthetic ones – even the sound of it seems mellifluous. And of course there is the meaning: “Bringer of light”. That’s just awesome.

            Of course I cannot pretend not to be cognisant of the fact that some people would make erroneous assumptions based on the literal fall from grace rather than the earlier career of a Heavenly Head Honcho who also shares my appelation (Come on people, it was all a long time ago – things were said, stuff got broke – but let it go, get over it!)

            Aaannd… I note you say nothing of the significance of my first name, “Adam” (“First Man”) – do you not see any significance there? especially in conjunction with my surname?

            Sorry, I am digressing somewhat, where was I… yes, if people make assumptions based on their own preconceptions, then I rather fancy that tells me more about them then it does about me, you see?
            Have a nice day now 🙂

        • El Martyachi

          Hey, easy on the non-contributing creeps.

      • Americans have, for all their faults, brought great goods to the world. Muslims have brought nothing but trouble to it.

        • AdamLucifer

          An assertion as errant as it is dogmatic. Islam has made positive contributions in the fields of art, literature, poetry, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, science in general. Algebra, Algorithms and most shit starting with “Al” comes from the Muslim world, as does our system of numbers – they invented the fiendishly clever concept of “0” (zero) as a number, and truly revolutionised mathematics as a consequence (you try doing long division and multiplication with Roman numerals!).

          Baghdad was once known around the world as the “Centre of Learning”; they were world leaders in astronomy and mathematics, and the finest European minds were drawn to study there in a benign atmosphere of culture and learning. The unfortunate rise of fundamentalism however, has seen such pursuits reviled and their pre-eminence was lost.

          Your knowledge (and that I find, is little) of Islam seems to be based solely on the activities of contemporary fundamentalist extremists and their barbaric cult of death, when that is no more representative of Islam than the murderous Jim Jones death cult represent christianity.

          They aim to convince you that only they are the only true Muslims, and in seems in your ignorance (and I use the term here literally, not merely as an expression of vituperation) you were pretty easy to fool.

          Educate yourself out of the fear and hate that you appear to dwell in, or those of that ilk will certainly win the day.

          • Adam – I have read a great many histories that detail Islamic contributions to “science” (mainly astrology, really), mathematics (snitched from India, largely), arts (so what), etc. Mostly, nowadays, these books are written by UK professors hoping to get some financial benefits from Arabs. I’ve also read the Koran, and am probably more acquainted with its sources and history than you are, as well as works of sharia. Still, I do not (unlike you) claim expertise. But I am knowledgeable enough of Muslim history and doctrine (and I’ve also been in Muslim countries, by the way) to tell you that that your view of Islam is naive and conventional. Islam is the worst doctrine on earth – pure evil, destructive, hopeless.

          • AdamLucifer

            Avi – I’m afraid your attempt to paint your bigotry as being rational fails in the very first sentence: “I have read a great many histories that detail Islamic contributions to “science” (mainly astrology, really), mathematics (snitched from India, largely)” you say. I have to wonder what kind of “histories” you have been reading, and from what source – because Astrology is most certainly not a science. Astronomy is a science however, and the Middle and Far Eastern civilisations were pre-eminent in the field well before the European Renaissance. Claiming that Muslim scholars “snitched” algebra, the contemporary numeric system etc is simply absurd and I am curious to know from where you got such a bizarre and false notion.

            “Still, I do not (unlike you) claim expertise.”

            I invite you to point out just where I claimed “expertise” in anything. You have simply drawn an inference based on your own preconceptions and and asserted that as fact. It is not, it is merely Straw Manning. In fact your whole post is so full of invalid and unwarranted assumptions and unfounded assertions as well as factual errors that it now seems evident to me that you are so tainted by your own prejudice towards Muslims that rational discourse is not possible.

          • Adam – astronomy is found in the mid-east since antiquity, but that is not Islamic. Islamic findings (many of which were by non-Muslims, by the way) were mostly about astrology. I will not take the time here to give you quotes from books in my library – not worth the time. You need to study the matter a lot more, and without adhering slavishly to the MSM-PC narrative as you do.

          • Adam – I am sorry not to have the patience to enlighten you further. However, upon reflection I can direct you to a fifty-page essay I wrote on the subject:

          • I would like to add, about America. Most Americans, and I would say particularly the small town Christians that leftists hate the most, are decent, good people. Go to the States and find out for yourself. Compare them to Muslims in their own countries or elsewhere and see how mean and indecent they are. That’s the bottom line, that tells all – behavior.

          • AdamLucifer

            “That’s the bottom line, that tells all – behavior”

            Indeed. And behaviour such as bombing clinics, federal offices and black churches does not get a pass simply because these barbarities are committed by small town Christians that decent, are purportedly “good people”. Your extremist view of “christians good, muslims bad” is irrational and cannot be seen as anything other than a deep-seated prejudice. People are good or bad; being christian does not mean a person is inevitably good any more than being a Muslim means one is inevitably bad. It is sad to see adults promulgating such primitive and divisive notions.

          • Your reasoning is fallacious. Look at the stats.

  • John

    Just the tip of the iceberg.

  • pdxnag

    Isn’t this what “marriage” is in Islam, with wives as virtual sex slaves? Boot them all.

  • mauser 98

    stop it! there are tender ears around

  • Physics grad

    Another example of “not islam” I guess…..

    With so many muslims not being islamic perhaps the next big lie from progressives is that there is not really an islam, its all just our own xenophobia in imagining them to be muslims.

  • Brian Jones

    I’m just surprised they pleaded guilty rather than using the defense that their book says it’s OK and shove your Constitution where the sun don’t shine.

    Next year…

    • AdamLucifer

      “I’m just surprised they pleaded guilty rather than using the defense that their book says it’s OK…”

      Indeed – after all, justifying ignorance, hate, deception theft and bigotry on the basis of an ancient and anonymously authored tome of repellent, primitive, superstitious dogma has worked well enough for the religious zealots of the Southern and Midwest USA.

      • Britain was a great country within living memory. Now it’s a depressing disaster, producing toxic, bitter little balls of envy such as yourself.

        • AdamLucifer

          And what does Britain have to do with it? Are you really a mod or did your big brother hack the site to get you that label? Because I must say that your responses to anything you disagree with are remarkably petty and juvenile. Perhaps instead of trying to change the subject by randomly abusing some other nation you might want to consider addressing the actual topic at hand? Or did you not address it because you know that it would be a futile task?

          • Address what topic at hand? Your raving about how evil white Americans are? I should engage with that?

            By the way, sophisticate, Canadians are not “yanks”. And in fact I was born in England. I have dual citizenship.

            I actually dislike banning even commenters I can’t stand, but if it’s just pointless, repetitive abuse there comes a time when you opt to save the bandwidth. Anyway, this is a dead thread, I’m probably the only person who’ll ever read these comments of yours. If I were you I’d stop bothering.

          • AdamLucifer

            Can you point out where (you claim) I assert how “evil white Americans are”? No, you can’t. Because I didn’t do so.
            If you are being juvenile and petty then to describe you so is hardly “abuse”. Recall that your initial response was to abuse my own nation for some reason; for a mod you seem rather immoderate – but as it seems that opinions differing to those promulgated here are unwelcome, you needn’t be concerned that I intend returning. Have a nice day, eh (as I believe they say in Canada).

          • (American southerners aren’t “yanks” either, come to think of it.)