Harsh facts about Islam

George Washington is a larger-than-life cultural icon who looms large in the American psyche — part truth, part myth. But the historical Washington is sometimes incongruous with our burnished image of the man. As our culture has matured, we have faced some of those challenging truths, like the fact that Washington — spiritual father of a nation built upon freedom — owned slaves. But accept it we must, for this is a historic fact.

There exists another cultural icon whose image seems impervious to the historical record, at least to many of his followers and an indulgent entourage of observers in the West. I refer, of course, to Muhammad, warrior-prophet of Islam and history’s greatest leader of the Arab people…

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    This is the Clintons.

    • The Butterfly

      Um, dude wasn’t retarded when he killed the cop:

      “After killing a man in a nightclub, he at first agreed to turn himself in to authorities, but instead shot the police officer who had negotiated his surrender in the back. He then shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt. The attempt effectively resulted in a lobotomy.”

  • Dag

    I published a first-rate illustrated Life of Mohammed last year. It sticks to the true facts. In order to sneak this past the censors, I wrote it in the ancient Polish dialect of Samizdat. The title is baffling to the censors because I turned the original Motoons backward and the title is now Snootom.

    I got very lucky with people writing Introductions. They are all famous and each has a Ph.D. so you know you can trust ’em to be really smart.


  • tom_billesley

    Islam gets the best recruits from prison da’wah.

    Brutal torturer, rapist, child murdeer Levi Bellfield, now calls himself Yusuf Rahim.

    It emerged today that he would only speak to female officers from Surrey Police when he decided to confess and gave them disturbing details of how he repeatedly raped, tortured and murdered Milly Dowler. 13-year-pld Milly was snatched from the street while on her way from school.