Crashing the parties: Sanders and Trump victories vindicate the ‘outsiders’

It was, agreed both winners, a “yuge” night in American politics.

A record number of New Hampshire voters queued in freezing traffic jams until well after polls were due to close to pick a Democrat and Republican candidate to run for president who had, until recently, belonged to neither party.

  • Rondo
  • Petrilia

    Bernie Sanders, Commie has a long history of communism. He has been in politics, his only job for 41 years. So young people just love his promises. I thought they would be done after Obama and his free phones. Not so, the young university students (just another reason to not send them) love an old Communist who has been there for 41 years, 41 years!!!. And they think he is new. Makes you think, eh? Who really should be allowed to vote? The sight of the American Flags thrown on the floor when Hillary left NH upset me. No respect by her camp and her for the American flag.