Resident of Calais speaks. This is the death of civilization.

h/t JEH via Vlad

  • Waffle

    Coming soon to your nice, quiet Canadian town. Wake the f**k up, sheeples!!!

    • k

      What can we do to stop it, with Trudeau and the millions of Canadians who support his insane policies? What CAN we do?

      • infedel

        Make their lives hell like make ours.

      • Waffle

        I know it seems hopeless, but wringing our hands and doing nothing accomplishes nothing. We all have friends and families who have drunk the toxic Kook-Aid and they will continue to call us hateful names. They must be ignored. There are many of us who realize what is going on and miraculously we are finding each other. We live across Canada and we have many friends and kindred spirits south of the border. We must organize and go public. Age, gender, religious preference, skin colour — none of this matters. But we must organize before the idiots who hold elected power totally destroy us.

        • P_F

          I agree.
          The only criteria should be recognition & preservation of western civilization & nations.

        • Denis

          join PEGIDA Canada for a voice and support!

          • Exile1981

            They formed one already?

          • granny47

            There is a Facebook page for Pegida Canada.

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator
          • Exile1981


          • James Oswald

            Piffle. Join a group to march and protest. Oooooh, only to be ignored and targeted. It only takes one man who knows ‘that the greatest love is that a man give his life for his friends’. No organization is necessary.n You cling to life so fervently, you will live with a boot on your neck to preserve it. This is not something new. One man lives his life free, though he walks through the shadow of death, he fears no evil. Sheep huddle together, begging, pleading. Be men. Stop being sheep.

          • Jabberwokk

            One man is often crushed and forgotten. If you want to fight this you need an honest assessment of the situation, an honest assessment of one own capabilities, and plan to work toward with specific goals. You win first, then you go to war.

    • mauser 98

      Big Hair wants a fake Nobel Prize like O got
      refugee flood , $ billions pissed on global warming BS he figures will do it

  • infedel

    As Vlad said this is worth the watch…and very alarming.

  • P_F

    Every word & each incident she has narrated is true. Sadly this all is going to be repeated in Canada pretty soon.
    Canadian wake up before it’s too late. Liberals, conservative, dippers none are our friends, we’ve to fend for ourselves.

  • mauser 98

    ….endless stupidity .. Calais on the way

    Canada to abolish language requirement for immigration

    “language requirement for new immigrants to apply for
    Canadian citizenship will be probably eliminated as it “disenfranchises”
    new immigrants”

  • John

    There are hundreds of such ‘jungles’ in France these days. Calais sticks our because it’s basically a rural community and so the invaders of highly visible. However, the same situation exists in many inner city neighborhoods, but those jungles are submerged in the urban landscape.

    The authorities arrest native Frenchmen because it’s by far the easiest option available.

  • This is a very important historical document – a great lady tells it like it is, how the French, and indeed all of Europe, are being clearly and utterly betrayed by the ruling political and journalistic class. I had tears in my eyes watching her, such a good and honest person. Tragic events.

    One thing worth adding – she mentions the 4-star legionnaire General Piquemal, who was arrested for demonstrating with the protesters against the invaders, and everyone cheers and claps. However this man has apparently now betrayed the people who demonstrated with him, following his arrest, and dashed their hope of having found a leader. Very sad development. See here (if you read French):

    • John

      Yeah, that is a very sad development. There’s much speculation with regards to his about-face, but no real explanations. Was he or his family threatened? France is becoming Stalinist with regards to basic human rights, and so there could be a multitude of reasons for his change of heart.

      I think it’s pretty safe to assume his ‘volte-face’ was anything but voluntary. As the article states, he knew where he was going, he knew why he was going, he knew the demo had been declared illegal, and he knew who was going to be there along with him.

      • Yeah. Maybe time will tell what really happened.

  • James Oswald

    A woman steps up to whine and beg. A socialist who now feels the boot of Socialism on her neck. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No man steps to the microphone to state, ‘Arm up, men. There’s work to do.’ The women would never allow it. Men and women are equal ….to whine and beg. Instead they die.

  • k1

    When the rule of law has broken down
    (meaning when Police do not get criminals or there are not enough Policemen around to deal with the lawlessness)
    The citizens MUST TAKE ACTION!
    Calais is a lawless society so the citizens must take the law into their own hands if the State does NOT!
    This is the problem with the PEACE MOVEMENT!
    It does not have an answer for when your aggressor does not give a shit and bashes your head in!
    The INACTION by the people of
    and the people in the Bataclan Night Club
    is because they are followers of the PEACE MOVEMENT