Hit Me, Baby, One More Time

It’s the trial of the cunt-ury!

Hey, give me a break. You try coming up with something original to say about Canada’s most talked-about court case pretty much ever:

The something-for-everyone pseudo-celebrity sex saga I call “Ghomeshi-quiddick.”

There’s more… 

“With the collapse Monday of the third accuser’s credibility — she might just as well have been wearing a suicide vest, so thoroughly did she blow up — it’s now apparent the case was built upon the self-serving and carefully edited allegations of dishonest complainants, two of whom appear to have been colluding and gleefully anticipating Ghomeshi’s ruination, and raised up on the gossamer wings of unproven allegations in the press and on social media.

Now the trial, merely by continuing to proceed, actually threatens to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.


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