Hackers leak contact details of 20,000 FBI staff

Hackers have leaked 22,175 FBI employees’ names, job titles and contact details.

The leak comes a day after the hacker group, tweeting from the @DotGovs account, posted a database online with the details of 9,355 US government employees from another department.

The second round of details was posted under the message, “Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza” and the “#FreePalestine”. The list includes information which isn’t public, such as job titles and contact details. It exposes 1,797 special agents and a task force deputy director, among other positions.

  • Physics grad

    another front opened in the lefty-Islam coalition’s war against the west

    • Seems so.

    • Alain

      The lefty-Islam coalition has always existed. That is why the Nazis allied with the Muslims.

  • useless opinion

    Frig the FBI should have had a fake file with the TV names of fictional agents. Then we could have a bit of a laugh when they threaten Efrem Zimbalist Jr.!

  • Xavier

    Isn’t the FBI supposed to be protecting us from this sort of thing?

    • Minicapt

      Not if it’s the day scheduled for hair washing, or mowing the lawn.


  • David

    When will people awaken to the disaster that is the halfrican.