Erol Incedal secret terror trial: Senior judge dismisses media challenge over open justice

More terror trials could be heard in secret, the country’s most senior judge has warned after dismissing a media challenge over open justice.

Lord Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice, dismissed an appeal to lift reporting restrictions surrounding the prosecution of suspected terrorist Erol Incedal.

In an unprecedented move, much of the evidence was heard either in total privacy or in a special closed session where accredited journalists could attend but not report what they heard.

  • Such powers, though useful in relation to Islamic terrorists, may very well eventually be used by leftist authorities against right-wing anti-Islam activists.

    • canminuteman

      If I thought the government had my best interests at heart I would be good with this, but at this point I’m not sure whose side they are on.

  • Brett_McS

    Secrecy is more likely these days to be used to hide from the public how leniently the terrorists are treated.