Downfall of Japanese TV’s girl next door highlights wider industry sexism

From nightly appearances on TV to persona non grata of Japanese show business in a matter of weeks, the drama of Rebecca Eri Ray Vaughan’s fall from grace was matched only by how much it revealed about Japan’s harsh treatment of its female entertainers.

Until news of her alleged affair with a married man surfaced earlier this month, Becky – as she is known – was one of the most popular people on Japanese television, with regular appearances in 10 commercials and on at least half a dozen variety shows.

  • xavier

    And then the Japanese politicians wonder why the ordinary Japanese have completely lost any interest in relationship, marriage and kids. Perhaps the polticians woukd do well to stop indulging adults in perpetual immaturity and break down the entertainment cartel’s grip on their employees’ private lives

    Also looking at the photo of the rocker. Sorry I don’t how she could’ve fallen form him. He’s ugly and a rather dull from the experience I had in interacting with Japanese men over the years.

    Goes to show you how Japanese style of affirmative action couple with village social mores is as pernicious as pc campuses in the U.S and Canada

  • DD_Austin

    Mhhh.. japanese still have some standards on moral behavior

    If a person cheats on anyone, they are faithless to everyone,
    they lie, they cheat, they break vows
    And they do this to their “best friend and companion”
    and somehow this makes them unpopular

    The fact that some lying whore is no longer popular isn’t due to “industry sexism”
    it due to the fact she is in fact a now known piece of shit.

    • Why isn’t her boyfriend “a now known piece of shit”?

      • xavier

        Black mamba

        Exactly. He consented to be a liar and cheater so how come he hasn’the been ostracized ever. Oh yeah it’seems the woman’s fault (being a métis she definitely a lot more interesting than the pure sushi Japanese) and he didn’t take drugs. So he gets to skate and there’still going to be a lot of behind the scenes arm twisting on the wife to reconciliate with cheater husband


  • SDMatt

    Named after the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan?

    Me likeee.

  • God’s Honor

    In Hollywood, such behavior would only enhance her celebrity.

  • BillyHW

    Could we do that shaved head apology thing for every woman that voted in the last election?

    • dance…dancetotheradio


      • El Martyachi

        c’mon that was funny..

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Not all women voted Liberal.

          • Physics grad

            But all stupid women voted liberal

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I said to my brother in law prior to the election that if he wanted to get rid of Stephen Harper in the most benign way possible he should vote for Stephen Harper.
            Fucker voted Liberal.
            I laugh at him every time I see him these days.