A ‘Seagull’ against submarines: A look into the future of naval defense

The newest Israeli technological development is an autonomous naval vessel built by Elbit Systems that has the ability to track submarines and find underwater mines.

Autonomous ship

h/t MP

  • infedel

    ..and we give arab /islam sand bandits our tech…really ban the koran.

  • Brett_McS
    • infedel

      Mine..I want the boat!

    • Maurice Miner

      An Oldie but a Goodie!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is another fairly recent Israeli military innovation, and yes, their sexy girl soldiers can operate both the boat and this.


    • Maurice Miner

      OK, but if they cannot spell “lethal”, then I’m afraid that this is really scary…

  • Maurice Miner

    OK, that is seriously cool tech! You should really watch the video!

    Autonomation is the way of the future, but the political/social ramifications are beyond the grasp of most. Just imagine a world without truck drivers, bus drivers, cabbies and pilots. That is just scraping the surface of the next revolution.

    Wait for guaranteed minimum wage to strike a McDonalds near you. Robots, everywhere. Trouble is, we do not have the political or social philosophy to even start dealing with the widespread displacement that’s coming.

    Good or bad thing? The discussion needs to be started now, not later.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Just a shame we have a sissy pm. Canerduh could use some of these. Some drones too, come to that.