Video shows airport workers with laptop used in Somalia in-flight jet blast

(CNN)Somali intelligence officials released a video showing two airport workers handling a laptop believed to have contained a bomb that later exploded in a passenger plane.

In the video released Sunday, one airport worker takes the laptop and hands it to another employee.

  • BWBandy

    Somali intelligence workers?

  • tom_billesley

    TNT should have been detected, but the airport is probably using fake bomb detectors like those used at Sharm el-Sheikh

    The Egyptian army has copied the devices previously sold by British fraudsters
    and produced its own version called C-Fast and patented as a ‘screening tool’. In the patent application, four years ago, an Egyptian army scientist claims the device ‘can detect any material’ from up to 500 metres away, using ‘static energy from the human body’.

    Cambridge University physicist Michael Sutherland, an expert witness in the trials involving golf ball finders sold as bomb detectors, said the C-Fast ‘appears to be nearly identical’ to the devices discredited in the UK.
    He said the patent made ‘outrageous claims … not backed up by any creditable scientific research’, adding: ‘It is quite simply a fraud, and a dangerous one … They would have as much luck searching for explosives using a kebab’.

  • Cat-astrophe

    There was probably a clock in the laptop. Nothing to worry about, really.